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Time is getting short, if we are to get this project ready for SMTs.
Hi, I'm @WizarDave owner of @MajorNEWS and

  • I would like to hear your ideas about this project.
    • Also, would you or someone you know be interested in being part of the team?
      • I'm putting a 2.0 SBD @steem-bounty on this post, so valid comments will share in that reward.

What I worked on today...
MajorNEWS logo attempt #1
Taking CorelDRAW 2018 for a test drive...

It's been almost 20 years since I've used CorelDRAW, but I am back at it.

  • I've been tinkering around a bit, getting to know the new layout of the program and such.
    • My first project is a logo for MajorNEWS.
      + Here's what I came up with tonight...


I've never had any formal graphics arts training. Totally self-taught on all phases of webmastering.

  • So, if any of you professionals have advice, I'll gladly listen.
    • I think rounded corners would be better, but have not found how to do those, yet.
      I used to know... haha
      • You will not cannot hurt my feelings, so feel free to drop me a comment with your true feelings.
        Example: Do you find the eyes make us appear like a joke? I latched onto the font when I found it because it made me think of a bunch of people looking at (crowdsourcing) the news... But, if it will cause us to not be taken seriously, another font can easily be found...

What is MajorNEWS?

Sometime in the late 90's, I ended up with the domain name

  • I've tried quite a few different projects there over the years.
    • My new goal is to create a site connected to the Steem blockchain allowing encouraging everyone to crowdsource the news.

Looking for team members

If you think this is a good idea and would like to get involved, feel free to comment your talents and your interest. I am unable at this time to offer you a wage, but would gladly make you a partner of some sort.

We will be forking
You can read all about the great open source project at

  • The first thing is to upgrade the login/signup to include Steem Connect. That won't be exclusive, as we do want people without a Steem account to use the site.
    • The next step will be to convert their internal rewards into a wallet in preparation for SMTs.
      • Somewhere along the line we would like to create phone apps...
    • It would be great to create an algorithm similar to Netflix.
      People who like this story also find this other story interesting...
    • Do you have an existing project that could tie into our program?
  • If you can do any of these, please get in touch with me.
    If you know someone who can, please have them get in touch with me.

Entrepreneurs of all flavors
We need to set up a business structure. Rewarding those who help with or invest in the project and eventually the users of the site. If you know how this should be done, we need to talk.

  • If you have been involved in a startup similar to this project, please get in touch with me. Or, if you know someone who has that knowledge, have them get in touch with me.

Graphic Artists / UI experts
We need to transform the old school type of site creates into a modern site.

Idea People
That can be anyone, including you!
What would you like to see?
How would you like to get rewarded?

Here are some ideas I've been tossing around.
People will get rewarded for doing certain things. Amount of reward is still to be determined.

  • To start it will be very similar to Allowing anyone to enter a URL, add a few topics, make sure there is a description and hit enter.
    • Our site will allow many more categories of topics, so people will be able to add additional tags.
      • We will need help setting up a category tree.

The program we are looking at using already has polls setup. It should be fairly easy to tie them to news stories and reward people for giving their opinions about news stories.

  • People will be asked for input about all MajorNEWS stories that are entered.
    • On a scale of maybe 1 to 10, 1 being fakenews and 10 being trusted news, how do you rate the trustworthiness of this story?
      • People tend to believe or not believe certain news outlets depending on your core beliefs. These can include political, religious and other beliefs.
    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how good of a job did this article report the news story?
      • I'm amazed at the details included in some reports and amazed at the lack of details in others.
    • On a scale of 1 to 10, how important was this news story to you? to the world?
      • Politics is one area where because of location, the news story may not be important to you, but could very well be important to the world.
    • On a scale of 1-10, do you like or dislike the news that was told.
      • I would like to break this out, so it doesn't affect voting on the previous questions.
    • Is this a sub-story or followup of existing news or a breaking new story?
  • Does those type questions make sense to anyone?

Extra credit will be given to anyone who can give an eyewitness report.

  • If there is a hurricane, I would like to see people directly involved report on what they are seeing.
    • Often the local news agencies report a totally different story than their national cohorts.
      Can you report what they are reporting, so we can compare?

The program has many other features such as a wiki.

  • People could be rewarded for correlating news stories into wiki pages.

Why MajorNEWS?

Over 90% of the "mainstream" media is owned by just a handful of corporations.

  • Journalism is dead.
    • MSM does not report NEWS, they pick news events that support their particular slant.
      CNN, MSNBC, Facebook & Google are all left-leaning companies. Fox, Drudge, Breitbart and others spin their stories for the right.
      • CNN, in particular, has been caught faking the news. I even recently saw the Weather Channel faking news at the scene of a hurricane. haha None of them can be trusted to report the news.
  • Stories are reported and then forgotten, if "they" decide to bury it.
    MajorNEWS will provide a way to look back on timelines of events, look back on news stories that shouldn't have gone away, ... ???

We will crowdsource the news.
We will decide what is news.
We will decide what is fakenews.
We will be the goto source of information regarding all things newsworthy.

I plan on monetizing the site through advertising and a small monthly fee if you prefer not to see any advertising.

  • Good idea? Hate the idea?
    • The profits earned will be distributed to those who crowdsource the news.
      • That could mean the difference of earning pennies or earning dollars...

What do you think?

Is it an idea worth pursuing?
I would like to hear your ideas.
Your idea might be the one that makes this project go mainstream.

  • If that happens, I promise you here and now as will be recorded on the blockchain (as will you giving the idea) that you will be fairly rewarded.

@WizarDave... owner of @MajorNEWS and

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I love this concept! I would love to lend my help in developing the Ideas as well as the content of this new platform. currently I am working with @yensesa as one of their content creators and marketing specialists. Making a news platform like this has been something i have been pondering alotlately but dont have the wxpertise to build the web interface myself. Collaborating like minded individuals who want to buld he same this is an awesome opportunity to me so please reach out to me and my team on Discord so we can see how we can work together!


I will soon be setting up the latest version of the site by forking the project. That way those interested can take a look at the nuts and bolts. Make sure you follow this account to follow any progress...


thanks im subscribed!

I think this is a wonderful idea.

Mainstream media most times behave like propaganda machines.

I suck at writing news though and I have very little knowledge in finance and none is programming /designing

I don't like the eyes though. It doesn't look... Say, professional?


Perhaps you could be a tester once we get a trial site built...

I know, I know haha the eyes ::rolling my eyes:: haha
I really like them, but agree it needs to look more professional.
Unless! we make the site more about poking fun at the joke they call "mainstream" media. hmm ... Just thinking out loud... :D
Thanks for your input! You get to share in the bounty...


Perhaps you could be a tester once we get a trial site built...

Now, that's something I can do

I think it´s an excellent idea.

I do not like the eyes in the logo, and I would add to it at least one clipart that represents press.

I would like to participate. I can translate articles to Spanish, write articles in English and try to make a new logo (but I have very little experience about graphic design) A logo I made some weeks ago:

lotto bot.png

I like the monetizing idea. The subscription fee may include additional advantages like more visibility to comments in the website, early access to some news, a notification service by category...

Please notify with a comment when a new update about the project is available.


There is money in NEWS!
According to this Washington Post article

According to people intimately familiar with CNN’s finances, the network and its related media businesses will approach $1 billion in gross profit in 2016, a milestone unseen in its 36-year history.

I personally hate ads. You go to any major news outlet and you are hit with ad after ad, popups, popunders, autoplay video, ... ARGH! I hate it, and would gladly pay a little to eliminate those ads.

The program we are looking at already has a built-in translation feature. I've not tested it, but I believe if someone translates a page, a link will show up to that translated page. I'm sure it could be set up to reward anyone who translates anything on the site...

Thanks for your input.

I do not like the eyes in the logo

I did plan on replacing the bottom "S" on NEWS, with the steem logo. I just ran out of time... That's why I picked that font on the bottom, because the S is similar to the logo...

I do like the idea but unfortunately i won't be able to give you much help with the project. It's a long way out of my range of skills. The only advice i can pass on would be what i have seen with your logo. As a first impression and the link to your project it just looks very cartoonish to be tied with a site called major news. I would find it hard to take a news site seriously as a source if this was the image portrayed to the customers.

I'm not trying to be harsh just saying maybe something more hard line and striking might be a better fit.


As much as I hate to say it, I agree with you about the eyes in the logo.

  • Even though "mainstream" news is pretty much a joke
    we shouldn't make MajorNEWS appear to be a joke with the logo.
    • It kinda makes me sad, because I really do like that font! haha There were a few different ones with eyes to choose from. I'll have to find another project to use them with... haha

Thanks for your input. You can share in the bounty...


Perception is everything, especially in media and news. When you think of any major station we all have an opinion about it before we see any of the articles. I'm just thinking it's important to have a symbol that represents what you are trying to do. Whether it's the current one or not just try to find one that fits with your image.

I'm replying because i upvoted you... I have no advice on the specified topic, but some feedback on your post... This is some good content that is long with interesting topics. I may not do web design, but i am in university studying IT, so it will be interesting to research major news. I have done website development but never get to in-depth for the design, i am currently designing a web-base game using html, css and javascript... I am a newbie, hence can't share on things i dont know, but keep up the great work...


I don't remember the name of it, but there is an app for Steem using HTML games. You should look into that, since you can earn rewards if they use your game.

You've chosen a good field of study. I know a database expert who got hired by AT&T, making well over a 6 figure income. I talked to him about a year later and asked him how it was going. He said he really was enjoying it and had written 1 line of code. The catch being, that one line of code was VERY important and saved the company a lot.

Give me one piece of advice and I will upvote you so you can share in the bounty reward...

  • Do you like the eyes or not?

Or, give me one opinion about "mainstream" news that you would like to see improved...

I like the idea of ​​the friend who refers to news publications. Without a doubt, it can be very good to give several versions as the critic, the real, the neutral. In fact, I'm from Venezuela.

Steemit lends itself to many things and it is in us to generate those changes.


Pick any story in the mainstream news and you can find all kinds of "reporting." A smart person doesn't rely on only one news source, they dare to compare.

  • Think for a minute about Venezuela in the news, or major weather events, or ???. What if the page showing that news linked to actual people from there? (To their Steemit blog). That way people could take a look at these people's lives and see things that would never be reported by the "mainstream" media. It would also give them a chance to support those people either with an upvote or donation... (Thinking out loud here... :D )

I do think Steemit is primed for a formalised content creation account like a decentralised news service that curates content and promotes individual reporters.

I mean from my side of the world i was fed a lot of rubbish by the main stream media on what's happening in Venezuela yet on steemit i get to chat to them and they sing a different tune.

I'd like to see more news like that, actual people on the ground reporting from their side of the world. I'd love to also see journalist able to not only voice their opinions but also have the account group simliar opinons together so I can see one point of view and then also show me opposing points on the same topic so I can get a full overview and understand each sides biases before I formulate my own opinion.

I think this could be a really great initiative and i can't wait to see the first of many reports I hope


Absolutely true about Venezuela. I can't imagine living through the economic upheaval as they have. Yet, I've seen a few on here explain what they are going through. Some are actually doing OK. For some it's a daily struggle.

  • Another story was someone here in the States that was totally surrounded by flooding from the last hurricane. I read somewhere about all the relief efforts, but he told about a helicopter dropping off 2 meals consisting of a hot dog on a bun and some chips I think. If he wasn't prepared, they would have been trouble.

re: same and opposing views.
I like this idea. For each story there can be at least 3 views. Same, opposing and neutral but interested. I would like to have the top 10 views listed for each story. These views could be another article, a Steem post, or a good comment.


So many good points you make there! I really like the way you think and if I can get involved in the project in any way I’d like to do so it sounds like a it would be a real help to curb the the echo chamber the internet has become

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