Bounty: 15 Steem. Looking for Short Charts?

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I am a Tesla share holder and waiting for the short squeeze.

Tesla is by far the highest shorted stock with about 18% of float being shorted.

The thing is I would like to see how the shorts change in real time or at least daily to get an idea of the short squeeze.

All the sources I have such as my broker, morning star or information publicly available is always very old.

As such I wonder if you can tell me how to get a proper chart of the short interest in a certain stock and Tesla in particular.


I am amazed by how TSLA rose.
To your part of finding good shorts I know a site call where people can screen stocks. I believe they update daily but not sure. You can find percentage of floating short on every US traded stock. BTW Float shares is how many shares allow to be traded on the market. While short float percentage is how much of the shares are short shares.
I am not a day trader so rarely look at individual stocks. I like just watching index funds.

Screen shot of the screener:

Tesla presently:

A little over 17.5% floating shorts. So seems to have more short squeeze to come.

Not quite what i was looking for but a super useful link. U get a full upvote and big part of the bounty!

You may want to check out PTON ticker. Setup is prime for short squeeze. 74% of floated shares are shorts and it recently won a court battle against a competitor. I will be watching.

Thank you. Almost off topic, but super helpful so u upvote and bounty.

Because of you I increase the bounty too!

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@knircky, It would be great if i could help you but i am not an expert in this field. Hopefully you will get the effective information very soon. Stay blessed.