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Why I do declare! - It's 1861 in the Steem World Social Experiment and a Civil War is Unfolding

in steem-bounty •  11 months ago 

Any NIGGER will do when the MASSAS feels like given a WHOOPIN!

Here are two parallel conversations. One is a friendly and forgiving exchange about @creativetruth 's interactions on this page. Note her assassination of my character, false accusation that I'm running a steem-bounty contest and assertion that I 'harassed' HER – despite her returning repeatedly to my page. And then @simplymike and @intellihandling also have a conversation. Notice the difference in @simplymike 's attitude. Even after @intellihandling explained that he is a contributor and not a contestant to the steem-bounty contests, @simplymike still condescends with, “let it be a warning for next time”!

I decided to immortalize these exchanges. Running parallel as they are, the differences are stark. This is one person, having two conversations, interacting with night & day dispositions. I wonder what criteria he uses to decide if he is talking to a superior, peer or NIGGER?

creativetruth 4 days ago
Hmm, interesting the way you promoted steem-bounty here.
Okay, can you see I love giving advice and being helpful? Viewers don't have to take my advice, but it's there if they want it.

simplymike 2 days ago
Thanks for your advice, @creativetruth. There was actually such a lot of good advice that I started wondering if you would ans,er the question too. But you did, in the end, lol.

creativetruth 2 days ago
Unfortunately, there are some people, I later on discerned, only running the steem-bounties because they want to earn the 100 Steem prize being offered for those running a steem-bounty contest. One of those I ran into started harassing me with judgements, and insulting my misfortune of being born from lower forms of life (paraphrasing).

simplymike 14 hours ago
What? Did this really happen?? Perhaps it is something hou should the guy behind @steem-bounty, preferrably before he pays out his 100 steem., so he can take those people lf the list of valid entries.

creativetruth 14 hours ago
I think the author I engaged with is kind of a wacko conspiracy theorist, and full of hypocrisy, but dangerous enough to dox people based on other posts I am reading. Arguing with him is not recommended, as he does not play by logical rules.
I do not support censorship, obviously. However, I hope he isn't using this contest to be a predator on others in order to grab a prize from people more deserving.
If you are going to change the rules because of abusers, I do not want to be held accountable. I'm just reporting my experience.

simplymike 3 hours ago
I think everything that has happened has little to do with Steem-bounty. The guy is just... (I don't want to write down yhe words I'm thinking right now)
I think you handled that conversation really well, I wouldn't have gone back for seconds. But you did and stood your ground. Very well done.
I think the conclusion should be: stay away from controversal bounyty post by ****** people, lol

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I'm not even going spend my time to start a discussion with you. Just do as you please and keep spreading your negative attitude around. I've got other things to do.

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