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Why I do declare! - It's 1861 in the Steem World Social Experiment and a Civil War is Unfolding

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The elite group controlling Steemit created a NIGGER CLASS knowing some will leave and some will be sponsored by the do-gooder middle class. This group apparently has centralized control over wealth distribution, has eliminated dust vote reward dissipation and has started withdrawing delegations to minnow support projects. The message they seem to be sending is STOP FEEDING THE MINNOWS.

Through down-vote bots they reclaim a substantial amount of wealth distributed across the bottom tier of the platform. The plagiarism down-vote bots are contravening Steemit Inc's contractual agreement with ALL users. Within the ToS is a section defining the DMCA complaints mechanism. False accusations of plagiarism expose these bot operators to potential defamation suits, They disregard the Fair Use Doctrine of Copyright Law and levy unfounded accusations at copyright owners using SteemPress to syndicate articles originally published on their own established media outlets. A case in point is the continuous attack of Al-Masdar's account on Steemit, @amdlive, and anyone who upvotes them.

An audit I did in August revealed that a single operator of a plagiarism down-vote bot was cashing out $10,000/month. Certainly a lucrative venture by any standard! These down-voting bots are delegated from steem accounts, to mrdelegation, to down-vote bot operators.

The 'hive-mind' STEEM buys tell me these are orchestrated and not at all organic and likely not new investors. I suspect recycled investments from previous cash-outs. When the STEEM blockchain crashed on Sep 17, it came back online with an 18% pump. In a half hour window, a day before HF20, buys spiked 31%.

"Only Steem is defying the dump with an 18% pump at the time of writing. A strange occurrence since their blockchain has been suffering with technical difficulties lately."

STEEM Price Surges 31% Ahead of Steemit Velocity Hardfork
"On Monday afternoon the coin price surged 31%, climbing from a price of $0.852111. The majority of those gains came in less than an hour, between 16:00 and 16:30 UTC. The highest single concentration of trades comes in the form of STEEM/USDT on Huobi, while the rest of the market is shared predominantly between STEEM/BTC and STEEM/KRW."

I'd say investors have a lot more to worry about than my use of the word NIGGER.

Read the history of cryptocurrency and decide if the founders are more likely to be saints or sinners.

Given the clawback of rewards from the bottom tier, I suspect the nickles and dimes held in dormant accounts will be reclaimed to simulate STEEM growth. It's the equivalent of wage cuts to boost shareholder dividends. This could happen around the SMT release in March 2019 or immediately after it.

More on SMT and a few names dropped

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It's very tough here at times. Honestly, I came to Steemit originally because I needed to escape Facebook and Youtube. I was fed up with the centralizing censorship, and the masses rallying to insult independent journalists for not agreeing with THE news. The justice system is turning back 400 years with unfair trails judged by a minority that shouts louder than the cowardly masses. On social media, it was impossible to criticize bad behavior, because it would be a permanent reminder to others that they should target me from now on for humiliating one of their own. They have my name and ID on every post. It was ruining my life.

On Steemit I was able to have a voice again. I kept my identity a secret, because I knew I still had to hide. Yes, I fear the control and power of the elites who constantly have to remind others of their position to reassert their power. I am not here for financial freedom. Nothing has proven to be sustainable. I do not depend on Steemit for income, so I power up every dollar and leave it there, adding to my own influence.

That is why I do not lead, as you say. I try not to be a follower, but I am weak. Often I have to keep my mouth shut and pretend I am one of the misguided sheep, though I do not support their meaningless endeavors. Expressing my divergent knowledge and opinions on matters that are off-limits to others will get me fired, or cost me all of my client contracts. My anonymity here is my only protection if I want to have a voice. My resources are limited. At least on Steemit my talents need not be wasted.

I am not here for social outreach, although that is a role I could take if I felt confident in that. I am here for safety to express my words and artistic talents. Perhaps I'll have to follow the Trail of Tears, like my ancestors did, once it is too late and my welcome mat is pulled out from underneath.


Bertrand Russell

@creativetruth: "Often I have to keep my mouth shut and pretend I am one of the misguided sheep, though I do not support their meaningless endeavors."

It seems the eugenicists' selective breeding program is a success.