5 Days Left before SteemBet Launch!

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Dear Steem community,

This is our 5-day countdown post before launching on February 13, 2019!

Today, we would like to announce our new branding!


What is SteemBet

SteemBet is the next-generation Steem-based gaming platform. It's centered around the idea of playing games and getting rewarded. Every time you play, we reward you SBT (SteemBet token) based on the amount you play. We will then use our profit to buy back SBT from holders on a regular basis. This makes sure that our interest as a platform is aligned with our users.

Top 20 SBT (SteemBet token) holders

  1. @aggroed: 2392.7 SBT
  2. @maxer27: 2216.8 SBT
  3. @all.cars: 1858.5 SBT
  4. @hilarski: 1726.2 SBT
  5. @berniesanders: 1592.1 SBT
  6. @trevonjb: 1486.5 SBT
  7. @timcliff: 1398.8 SBT
  8. @stackin: 1337.4 SBT
  9. @abh12345: 1198.1 SBT
  10. @abcor: 1185.2 SBT
  11. @andrarchy: 1077.6 SBT
  12. @ash: 772.1 SBT
  13. @elevator09: 760.3 SBT
  14. @tipu: 754 SBT
  15. @anahilarski: 732 SBT
  16. @jaki01: 720.1 SBT
  17. @oldtimer: 718.8 SBT
  18. @alauddinsee: 671.4 SBT
  19. @abacam: 666.5 SBT
  20. @lichtblick: 659.5 SBT

We noticed a few new people on the top 20 list, and let's congratulate and welcome them!

No.5 @berniesanders
No.16 @jaki01

How to Earn SBT?

Our users can earn SBT when they play our game after we launch. Currently, you can earn SBT by resteeming our announcement post.

In the next few days, we will announce new ways for you to earn SBT before our launch, and please stay tuned for that!

Who's behind SteemBet?

SteemBet is owned by an Asia-based gaming business and we are working with a team who have experience developing a few top 10 betting games on EOS. Due to legal reasons we can't disclose the identity of team members.

What is Your Website?

We will announce the website when we launch.

When is the Launch Date?

The launch date is February 13, 2019.

Special Thanks

We want to specially thank @shepz1 for sending us 34 STEEM to help us with low Steem Power! Love to Steem community!

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I don't often write negative comments, but this whole "countdown" to the launch with repeated content seems less than professional and adds doubt to your ability to execute. You would have been much better to just wait and deliver something tangible. Hopefully, something good comes out of it all, but at the moment feels like a sad attempt to build a buzz without much thought into your content.


Ok, we will improve

Another shitty spam. Damn I'm so on time.
Congratulations. You chose the right platform. Plenty of fishes here.


if you don't know what is our plan, please don't blame us. STEEMIT is a win-win platform.


Bet you didnt think so many would call the bluff huh hahahahhaha - A million users hahahhahahah

✅ Enjoy the vote! For more amazing content, please follow @themadcurator for a chance to receive more free votes!

One question: Is there any reason you are launching your platform now, that multiple other similar games launched here and not - let's say - half a year ago?

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Interested to see what you roll out

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Can you do a write up on one of your games, other than your magic dice game?

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dice game is the first game in our platform.

You get my 100% upvote and I will resteem. Show me the SBT! @steem-bet

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Your SBT has been recorded. You can log in to our STEEMBET website after the game launching.


Do you even have a website?

Is the code for this platform going to be open source? Given the secrecy around this project already (a red flag in my opinion) and a shady countdown to launch tactics, will the code be publicly accessible? If not, I hope you have a 100% provably fair system in place where outcomes can be validated.


I might have to go make and take the names of all possible steem bet accounts that could be made hahaha!

@bet steem @steem dice etc..

On my blog / dtube channel you can find many different free accounts :)

my blog (just click)
my dtube channel(just click)

About your passing by, I would be happy, if necessary, about upvotes :)


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