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This is my entry post to the @steem-bet writing contest!
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We all know the king of the online games. The game that took us with storm and topped the charts extremely quickly.
The game that everyone have some kind of relationship to, either love or hate...maybe both?

I am talking about World of Warcraft, launched in November 2004. Its been going up and down in popularity. It put a footprint in the history books how a game should be built to attract players. Loads of games released after, that took after the king of mmorpg's.

I started to play WoW in late 2008. I never was there when it was the vanilla glory days or when the first expansion came out, but sure have been a loyal fan until a few years ago.

World of Warcraft is providing something that can be a great benefit for the future and of course can be greatly enhanced by using blockchain technology!


How?, you may ask. How can an old game like World of Warcraft benefit from todays technology? Let me tell you a little secret how I'm thinking here, because its quite interesting!

World of Warcraft may be old, but it still have millions of players world wide and still is number one. And with expansions coming out every other year and now classic WoW coming out this year, it sure will benefit from this blockchain technology, since the player base is high and everyone knows what the game World of Warcraft is.
How will this work? Let me explain...

Not many years ago, they introduced their own token that you can purchase with ingame money at the action house. A token that will allow you to purchase one month of game time. You can buy the token for USD 20.00 and then sell it ingame and earn money that way.

Imagine if they put in the blockchain technology into the game! It will be a win-win situation for everyone. But everything should be done through the action house section ingame or through an app that is connected to the game.
Of course with very high security. And I don't doubt that Blizzard wouldn't provide us with security.

And since Blizzard want to be on top when it comes to attract players, this will certainly have a major impact on them, in a huge positive way!

Also, if Blizzard do this I am sure other mmorpg's will follow, since they will put up a new standard for how an mmo should be built.

Thank you for reading my post!


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