Steem Blockchain Idea’s: Episode 2 - Courtesy of @cryptomental

In the first iteration of this post (Episode 1), I presented an example of an application which could be built on the Steem Blockchain, and invited the community to contribute their feedback and idea’s.

There were a number of interesting idea’s which were put forward, and I intend on provide these in more detail over the coming weeks. I also invite further idea’s and feedback in all posts moving forward. My intention behind this post is to harness the Creative Steemit Community, of hopefully inspire some of these idea’s into fruition…

I thought I would start with an idea by @cryptomental for a Feel Good Fitness Application.

Designed by Freepik

Fitness Application with Charity Incentive:

I like the name Feel Good Fitness..

First things first, there is a reason the likes of Adidas, Nike and Under Armour are paying a high prices for loss making fitness apps… Customer Data.

If a $100m p.a loss making fitness app, provides them with $250m in additional revenue, then their high margins take care of the profit. The problem is, many users just want to workout, and are not interest in being bombarded with targeted advertisement, or having their data sold to insurance companies.

The Steem Blockchain allows users to keep their anonymity intake, and more than that, users get rewarded for their interactions. @cryptomental suggests combining a Fitness Application with Charitable Donations.

Here is how it could work..

The creation of a separate application, or a tool on Steemit for users to log their workouts. Users would log Distance, Time, and Intensity across whichever activity they took part in. These data points would go into an algorithm which would give them an overall score for each workout.

The creation of an @charity account, akin to the @null account on Steemit. User on Steemit can directly donate or set a certain % of their rewards to automatically transfer to the @charity account.

We would then need to get some verified charity accounts set up on Steemit, who will ultimately receive the funds

Users could post about their workouts on Steemit which would add to the @charity account, and add to the % of the @charity account the user gets to allocate. This would also be a means of verifying a users data points, and add to the social engagement. The @charity accounts could be drained on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, by which time, users have set their preferences to which verified Steemit Charity will receive the funds.

Designed by Freepik

It’s an interesting incentive. Run more miles, Swim more lengths, allocate more funds to the Charity you support. Getting users to feel passionately about a given cause could trigger them to workout more, and interact with the Steem Blockchain more. I like this idea, and I think there will be many spin-off idea's triggered from this.

Thanks @cryptomental for contributing your idea

Interested to hear you thoughts, and any further idea's you may have...


nice articel bro

Thanks @hisnameisollie! I would be really happy to see this implemented and applied in practice. I know many people that collect this kind of data and measure the miles they run, count swim lenghts etc.. Some do it just for stats, some to measure/improve their performance and some to loose a bit of weight and most of those people would be inspired and encouraged to do even more if it is for a cause. It would be great to be able to use a custom app on a mobile phone or import the data from TomTom/Apple/Nike etc. watches or similar wearables. Fingers crossed!

It's a great idea @cryptomental. Keep them coming. I think that, at the very least, having these kind of idea's out in the community will inspire more thought and consideration for the Steem Blockchain

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Great ideas here. I like the multiple layers of win in this scenario. Pledges would be fun part of the charity too. My surfer friends use a device called Stamp and it tracks their surf behavior. They like it a lot and there is an entire network to support the device and results.

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@hisname is ollie, great idea - can't wait to see where this leads!

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This would be an awesome idea! I've been meaning to start working out more and getting paid as a reward would be awesome!

Thats really a great idea! Charrity can unite people and the best part is that you help other people/support a cause and in the same time you do something for yourself ( living a healthy life) Sport and a good cause is probably the best combo ever. Ill make research on this topic and i can join if the project works ;)

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