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RE: Exchange Transfer Report: 10/2/2016 to 10/8/2016

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Hi @lukestokes - I don't know if Dan/Ned will see this post and/or reply, but I will suggest that the premise of them cashing out for their own personal gain is probably wrong.

I know they are hiring for several new Steemit Inc. positions, and they already have several employees on the books. I also suspect that since they are doing Steem/it stuff 24x7, they probably don't have other jobs, and might need something to pay for food, rent, etc.

I know when there is silence, it is easy to speculate in the negative direction, but it is just as easy to think of good reasons behind what they are doing too :)

I know we are all concerned about the price. My personal theory is that it will probably take 1-2 more years for the site to be improved, before we really start to see some serious investments coming in.

In the meantime, I suggest we enjoy the ride, and make the most of what is here :)


They don't need $10k a week (each) for food and rent. I know it's temping to justify their actions based on our own biases, but it's pretty clearly very unusual behavior for early startup founders who believe the future value of their platform will be many orders of magnitude higher than it is now (as most founders believe, or they wouldn't do what they do).

There might be a really great expectation. I'm just not sure what it is and I'd rather hear it from them directly then continue speculating about it. I've defended them often on steemit chat, but I'd prefer they value this discussion in the community and address the concerns directly.

I do agree that more communication and transparency would go a long way. I'm not saying you don't, and I know that investors will not invest purely on that, but for me it comes down to trust. I trust that Dan and Ned have good intentions, and are doing what they feel is best with the money.

I trust that Dan and Ned have good intentions, and are doing what they feel is best with the money.

If that's true (and I also believe or at least really, really want to believe it is), I'd hope they could be open and honest about their reasons.

For some reason they are largely choosing to remain silent about a lot of things. While I agree this has really bad implications for both the community and potential investors, I again go back to trusting that they know what they are doing.

It's 100% pure speculation, but it could be to protect themselves from any potential risk of misleading investors. Dan has publicly said before that he did not provide information about what they were planning/doing (in a different context) for that very reason.

Interesting. I wonder if there are legal ramifications we haven't considered.

I enjoy the ride in silence .....

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