Flag-war stats for posts made on 2019-02-07

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Flag-war stats for posts made on 2019-02-07

This daily post lists stats on the top downvoters and top downvoted regarding to posts that just closed their six-and-a-half-day voting window.

The script that generated this post, batch-processes downvotes and upvotes on one day of posts at the moment that voting has closed for that day. The below lists show the top accounts involved in high powered down voted on both sides of the downvoting process.

Votes are sorted by timestamp of casting as to distinguish between the downvote and the flag-only part of the negative vote.

The asyncsteem script used to create this post is available as part of the asyncsteem sample_code..

By impact on post payout

(Click image for more detailed image, or click here for a PDF version.)

By flagger

1@steemcleaners (80)steemd@cheetah @anyx
2@spaminator (67)steemd@patrice
3@ngc (58)steemd@nextgencrypto @berniesanders
4@z8teyb289qav9z (70)steemd
5@clvr (25)steemd@cryptolover2017
6@themarkymark (74)steemd
7@mids106 (58)steemd
8@berniesanders (74)steemd
9@armdown (64)steemd@clayop
10@bloom (45)steemd

By flaggee

1@teleskop (48)steemd
2@treb (63)steemd
3@sisirhasan (53)steemd
4@musethu (2)steemd
5@theindiansun (0)steemd
6@goodnewsokon (2)steemd@steemhunt
7@johnmcafee (-1)steemd
8@pluridimensional (60)steemd
9@fish2 (68)steemd
10@ajaysing (-1)steemd


Click the below image to view a life feed of incoming flags.

Both the life-feed page and this daily post are generated by open source asyncsteem scripts that cn be found in the *sample_code* directory of the asyncsteem repo.Feature suggestions, bug reports and pull reuests are very much welcomed if submitted as issue.If you do submit an issue on github, please also consider making an @utopian-io contribution using one of the following templates:
If you submit a pull request and it gets accepted into asyncsteem, then consider a utopian submission using this template:

If you feel you've been wrongly flagged, check out @freezepeach, the flag abuse neutralizer.See the intro post for more details, or join the discord server.

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It would help to know what color of arrows on the first image means? We have black, red and blue arrow.

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The black arrows represent one or more flags/down-votes where the thickness of the arrows represents a log of rshare weight of the downvotes.

The blue and red arrows represent possible associations between accounts. red represents that the account pointed to has been set as recovery account while blue corresponds with the account pointed to having been set as voting proxy.


Thanks for the explanation.

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