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Title:Not staying down

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AuthorTitleSBD When VotingCurrent SBDGrowth RateTime
@cryptopie My Crazy Peculiar Life And My Inevitable Defeat 😟🗡💪🏼⚰3.0093.37410.82%2019-10-06
@broncnutz Should QB Drew Lock play in 2019?18.04528.62436.96%2019-10-06
@gooddream In the Tall Grass (film) : An awful film by Stephen King and his son30.43231.6093.72%2019-10-06
@yoon Where Quantum Probability Comes From (16)0.5421.20454.98%2019-10-06
@ervin-lemark Sailing away0.320.55842.65%2019-10-06
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@jaynie Cajun Chicken with Sweet Potato Stacks & Wilted Veg - #showcase-sunday12.47112.4760.04%2019-10-06
@jsantana Meu Cartão de Relatório de Actifit: Outubro 5 2019 - Aqui é Pé no Pedal! 🚴0.2170.33134.44%2019-10-06
@lukewearechange What YouTube Is Doing Is Bad, Underhanded And People Are Catching On!9.51815.89440.12%2019-10-06
@yoon Where Quantum Probability Comes From (15)1.5561.90818.45%2019-10-06
@taskmaster4450 Decentralized Finance Could Be The "Google" Moment For Cryptocurrency17.42223.96927.31%2019-10-06
@ace108 Since when was it we were able to put 8 tags? - 是何时开始让我们能用8个标签?(by @ace108)0.0930.53982.75%2019-10-06
@rynow Daily Scripture0.0790.78389.91%2019-10-06
@raybrockman Steem Silver Round5.3795.4270.88%2019-10-06
@cryptopie I Am Thankful That I Get Less Intermittent Sleep These Past Few Months 💤🛌🏼✂✔2.2093.02426.95%2019-10-06
@htliao CATS漲到24塊了,好厲害0.8481.49243.16%2019-10-06
@dana-edwards Is Bitcoin holding the crypto prices back? Why I expect Bitcoin to go below $70005.4298.36635.11%2019-10-06
@tarazkp Showcase Sunday - The creative dad8.5799.54310.1%2019-10-06
@steevc A shirt on Sunday: Standalone 10k3.0920.668-362.87%2019-10-06
@lichtblick Awesome Gnocchis With Tuna And Vegetables Dinner @pastapresti. STEEM and SBD accepted @pastapresti.1.1173.3967.05%2019-10-06
@stephenkendal Steem Killer Project? Re-writing the History Books?8.8499.0692.43%2019-10-06
@rivalhw 好文天天赞2019年10月06日榜上有名2.1653.45737.37%2019-10-06
@silviabeneforti I want to feel myself light as a butterfly.1.1924.74274.86%2019-10-06
@slowwalker Relief on the Rock in Mireukseonwon Temple31.23356.7344.94%2019-10-06
@zer0hedge The Coming European Crisis2.6010-Infinity%2019-10-06
@karenb54 And here's me thinking it was all over with... how wrong was i..1.3517.80182.68%2019-10-06
@juvyjabian Small yet deadly0.2180.35438.42%2019-10-06
@ace108 📷#BeautifulSunday Porridge at Kallang Wave Mall - Kallang Wave 商场吃粥 😎 (by @ace108)0.1118.21798.65%2019-10-06
@runridefly Getting Fit For Steem Fest 4 with Actifit and Blocktrades on My Actifit Report Card: October 5 20190.5211.83671.62%2019-10-06
@alexvan Lifestyle challenge week #114 / Lifestyle Challenge Woche #1147.4237.6583.07%2019-10-06
@tradingideas [스팀몬스터] 5마나 소환사의 위력12.41624.38849.09%2019-10-06
@abh12345 The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆17.07431.1345.15%2019-10-06
@maarnio Crypto Contest October 6: HYCON2.1223.41637.88%2019-10-06
@denmarkguy I Made it to the Trending Feed! (Or: Why SCOT Tribes are Fun!)3.9387.04444.09%2019-10-06
@hitmeasap Real STEEM Marketing That Will Benefit Us.3.1924.24424.79%2019-10-06
@corn113 돌아오기 위해 떠나는길0.26613.06897.96%2019-10-06
@cryptopie My Ringing Ears Are Exacerbated By My Pain Reliever To My Dismay🔔👂🏼🔨💊10.21514.10127.56%2019-10-06
@magicmonk Java Programming with Eclipse lesson 4 - Integer variable, If/else statement1.2568.86785.84%2019-10-06
@ace108 National Day Reception 2019 at President's Residence (Istana) - 国庆日接待会2019在总统府 (by @ace108)1.9312.3919.21%2019-10-06
@quinneaker Freedom1.7093.55451.91%2019-10-06
@rosatravels Ancient Aeropagus Hill in Athens0.3311.75881.17%2019-10-06
@freiheit50 Mir reicht es! Ich wechsle die Seite.8.16718.72556.38%2019-10-06
@paolobeneforti New drawings and sketches of mine1.97311.5582.92%2019-10-06
@milaoz Apple Flowers0.0270.05853.45%2019-10-06
@rosatravels Swimming again in the Sea0.1520.33654.76%2019-10-06
@abh12345 A day at the Fair14.77526.14243.48%2019-10-06
@yoon 윤책방 - 내 인생에서 가장 슬픈 책1.1042.97462.88%2019-10-06
@lichtblick Awesome Flower in Autumn Meets #Colorchallenge On Appics - The Flagers Go Home And ...1.8023.84953.18%2019-10-06
@louisthomas Why I Would NOT Invest in XRP in 201924.23361.78760.78%2019-10-06
@htliao My Actifit Report Card: October 6 20190.1490.57474.04%2019-10-06
@catwomanteresa Autumn Sale!! Buy AntiVirus get Windows 10 Free 半價買知名防毒軟體還送Windows 101.7458.82180.22%2019-10-06
@cryptopie I Am Crazy Trying To Fix This Broken Body Of Mine 🛠💔😔🙍🏼‍♂️15.94116.9776.1%2019-10-06
@doitvoluntarily Banning Cannabis Even Though It Is Already Banned7.54611.26233%2019-10-06
@aggroed 2% left. Only 16k packs remain... Is today the day?16.32816.9613.73%2019-10-06
@kralizec Massive Strings Of The Cosmic Web Fuel Galaxies1.6862.11520.28%2019-10-06
@mrosenquist Paypal Leaves Facebook’s Libra Association2.1723.13930.81%2019-10-06
@anomadsoul Thoughts from my dad's cellphone 9.06310.14310.65%2019-10-06
@freedompoint The value of self worth0.8888.50589.56%2019-10-06
@rynow My Actifit Report Card: October 6 20190.0690.79791.34%2019-10-06
@jasonrussell Long Exposures At Big Spring0.2182.62891.7%2019-10-06
@acidyo Here's an idea to counter abusive up and downvotes12.33417.79530.69%2019-10-06
@htliao 「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #391」推薦 CN 區活動:不定期小造句+ 猜猜在哪裡2.57610.05374.38%2019-10-06
@daveks Around the Canadian Rockies in Colour and Black & White ~ Moraine Lake Mountaintops6.1876.4664.31%2019-10-06
@anomadsoul My dog had puppies - Watch her full, uncensored and kinda graphic birthing11.4413.88617.61%2019-10-06
@taskmaster4450 Why I Staked More LEO And Will Continue To Do So7.5313.56344.48%2019-10-06
@me-tarzan NO TRADE TODAY STAY IN CASH / NEW and IMPROVED / STEEM RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 5 <<>> October 6 , 20191.2491.154-8.23%2019-10-06
@redpalestino If I could save time in a bottle, … Wenn ich etwas Zeit aufsparen könnte, …18.56530.66239.45%2019-10-06
@cryptopie I Am Optimistic For This Coming Year To Get Favorable For Me 📅😀🙌🏼✔4.6964.822.57%2019-10-06

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