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Title:A Birthday on My Actifit Report Card: October 10 2019

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@shortcut Inktober Day 5 - Build3.817.25347.47%2019-10-05
@silviabeneforti Woman in front of the sea (oil on paper)1.0714.63576.89%2019-10-05
@justtryme90 My Actifit Report Card: October 4 20191.6210.015-10706.67%2019-10-05
@juvyjabian Photowalking 1005190.0530.06113.11%2019-10-05
@htliao 「飛鴿傳書 cn-curation #390」推薦 CN 區博文:生活裡的小樂趣 + 寂静的夜,容不下孤独...0.9728.59788.69%2019-10-05
@tarazkp EIP lights Steem streets for discovery of the good, the bad and the future6.62313.6351.41%2019-10-05
@karenmckersie 🍅CANNING FRESH ORGANIC SALSA! NON GMO/ Preservatives / Additives, PURE HEALTH! (Step By Step Pics!)📷0.1729.08298.11%2019-10-05
@stephenkendal Hope everyone is having a great weekend.1.2731.98635.9%2019-10-05
@yoon AA - 마인드 헌터0.8051.48945.94%2019-10-05
@virus707 배가본드. TV드라마로 볼만한 킬링 드라마..3.45520.19282.89%2019-10-05
@gooddream Today in History: Dr. No (first ever Bond film) premieres in London22.29121.998-1.33%2019-10-05
@ace108 Show 3D win SBD/Steem game [UPDATE]- 露三点-送SBD/Steem游戏[消息] - 20191009 (by @ace108)0.5521.08849.26%2019-10-05
@cryptopie The Story Of The Business That I Had Put Up Before My Body Just Went Disabled 👨🏼‍💼🧧💸💵🥜12.22311.08-10.32%2019-10-05
@lichtblick Boom- Next Milestone Reached With Rep 73 And A Sad Thing- Flagwar has arrived here0.5136.87692.54%2019-10-05
@zer0hedge Update: PayPal Officially Pulls Out of Libra Association2.890-Infinity%2019-10-05
@acidyo One thing I like about easily being able to set beneficiaries through now9.55717.34444.9%2019-10-05
@rosatravels Inside the Cathedral of Mary0.286.08795.4%2019-10-05
@hitmeasap STEEM: Where A Hobby Can Turn Into A Cash Cow3.29610.89469.74%2019-10-05
@karenmckersie 🌶️🍅 Home made Canned Salsa! Full Post Coming Tomorrow, Whew!🥱0.061.7796.61%2019-10-05
@gooddream Do's and Do Not's for Thailand travelers36.31435.2-3.16%2019-10-05
@taskmaster4450 The Spatial Web18.58220.6319.93%2019-10-05
@me-tarzan Hold LONG POSITION / NEW and IMPROVED BITCOIN & STEEM RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 6 <<>> October 5 , 20190.1362.06393.41%2019-10-05
@boddhisattva MONOMAD PHOTOGRAPHIC CHALLENGE - Little squre tiny planet0.0540.29181.44%2019-10-05
@alexvan @nextcolony - more details on Yamato8.29710.29719.42%2019-10-05
@shady Monomad Photographic Contest: Silhouette0.0250.46694.64%2019-10-05
@flauwy Ideas For The Untamed Splinterlands Edition: Death Splinter1.1457.90885.52%2019-10-05
@clayop LIV 에어드랍 완료 ^^1.18215.50592.38%2019-10-05
@tarazkp Buildings on repeat, building today for tomorrow25.20325.280.3%2019-10-05
@rynow Daily Scripture0.1070.80386.67%2019-10-05
@runridefly A 2:00 AM Automaticwin on My Actifit Report Card: October 4 20190.4972.17577.15%2019-10-05
@paulag Showcasing Steempress Publishers – Manual curation initiative8.99514.35737.35%2019-10-05
@htliao My Actifit Report Card: October 5 20192.3952.77413.66%2019-10-05
@stephenkendal Killer Project?0.6231.88666.97%2019-10-05
@magicmonk Java Programming with Eclipse lesson 3 - String Variables3.537.89155.27%2019-10-05
@stephenkendal Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology is on course to completely re-write the History Books. Agree?1.3083.33760.8%2019-10-05
@slowwalker Buddha’s Head Sculpture on the Top of the Rock in Mireukseonwon Temple37.88747.64320.48%2019-10-05
@earthcustodians The High Price of Putting a Price on Nature6.2126.115-1.59%2019-10-05
@cryptopie I Just Eat Fruits Now To Curb My Nausea And Add Phyto-Nutrients In My Emaciated Body 🍴🍇🍎🍍🔄🤢2.8966.87957.9%2019-10-05
@zer0hedge The Biggest Hurdle In India’s Nuclear Energy Push2.5220-Infinity%2019-10-05
@rivalhw 好文天天赞2019年10月05日榜上有名2.5294.83947.74%2019-10-05
@lichtblick Delicious Ramen Lunch At Ramen X Ramen, Berlin2.4041.925-24.88%2019-10-05
@breezin A Creepy Solution To A shitty Situation...8.7789.6629.15%2019-10-05
@taskmaster4450 The GM Strike Is All About Technology8.55310.95221.9%2019-10-05
@me-tarzan Hold LONG POSITION / SYSTEM # 2 ONLINE USERS AT POLONIEX BITCOIN RESEARCH TRADING SYSTEM # 2 <<>> October 5 , 20192.2212.076-6.98%2019-10-05
@rosatravels Ancient Hadrian Library in Athens0.130.94486.23%2019-10-05
@acidyo Why you may be getting downvoted21.0749.65157.56%2019-10-05
@freebornangel Survival Saturday #17: Christmas gifts 4.9045.96717.81%2019-10-05
@lichtblick A Beautiful View Into Ramen X Ramen - Usually there is a lot of traffic but @ch ...0.7971.13529.78%2019-10-05
@oldstone 스팀 협동조합과 타인의 삶에 대한 관심, kr-mutualinterest 를 제시하면서5.68629.52380.74%2019-10-05
@cjsdns 이건 다음번에는 1등이라는 예시인가?1.15318.01993.6%2019-10-05
@knozaki2015 I travel the world #850: INNOSILICON Pressconference5.93511.6549.06%2019-10-05
@ackza GOLOS CLASSIC now added to Steem-Engine! Trade GOLOSP deposit and withdraw and get ready for Golos on EOS and Newdex and a NEW Golos EOSIO Dapp! Perhaps evena Russian EOS Sidechain forked off EOS!0.1640.36154.57%2019-10-05
@cryptopie My Ambition In Life Besides My Health Goals In Life 🏘⚡🚗🏡12.93812.9450.05%2019-10-05
@anomadsoul Thoughts from the backseat of a car - A random, extremely random freewrite 12.68516.19321.66%2019-10-05
@oendertuerk Düsseldorfer Medienhafen / Media Harbour at Düsseldorf2.083.19434.88%2019-10-05
@ackza promotion - Free pEOS for all STeem USers who reply to this post - bender from Futurama with pEOS Chain and Fur Coat0.1640.1745.75%2019-10-05
@flauwy The Lucky Winners of Mighty Blueprints and StarDust10.98720.04745.19%2019-10-05
@cryptopie I Came And Went To The Bathroom All By Myself And I Will Not Do It Again 🚶🏼‍♂️🚽😢11.83811.366-4.15%2019-10-05
@susanli3769 [话说投资]如何解读金融机构网上股票等交易0手续费的消息?1.3188.48484.46%2019-10-05
@kaylinart My Actifit Report Card: October 4 20190.1451.43489.89%2019-10-05
@rosatravels Walking Syntagma in Athens: October 5 20190.1210.40770.27%2019-10-05
@cryptopie I Will Be Eating Fruits Everyday But It Is Also Hard For My Guts 🍇🍎🚹12.912.642-2.04%2019-10-05
@nelyp (Sun) Locked6.86711.38339.67%2019-10-05
@rosatravels Swimming in the Agean Sea0.220.66566.92%2019-10-05
@ocd OCD Daily: Issue #42711.5110.724-1489.92%2019-10-05
@ace108 📊🌏中日韩龙虎榜自 20191002 - CJK Top Pending Payout Post since 20191002 (by @ace108)0.4610.78941.57%2019-10-05

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