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Title:From the Marriott...

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@karenmckersie Happy Victoria Day Canada & Appics Newcomer-northam Members & Ambassadors!🎉🇨🇦🤩 ...0.050.65392.34%2020-05-18
@cjsdns 헤프닝9.61145.61678.93%2020-05-18
@runridefly 20-hour fast! I made it home2.1552.87224.97%2020-05-18
@ramengirl 살벌한 옆집 사람들... 3.74515.28175.49%2020-05-18
@cryptopie We Have To Be Ready For The Fact That We Need To Get Vaccinated Every Year Or So Against The Corona Virus5.7717.86426.61%2020-05-18
@sirwinchester VOTE now for APPICS as the best dApp 📲 in the blockchain awards on Uptrennd 🏆19.53235.89345.58%2020-05-18
@maarnio Crypto Contest May 18: Hive1.3494.0566.69%2020-05-18
@virus707 2020/05/18 BTC/BCH 채산성 기록5.35127.17280.31%2020-05-18
@themarkymark Nope3.1880-Infinity%2020-05-18
@stephenkendal Wishing Lucy all the very best with her new Show ....... The Lucy & Jeff Show - "Tacos & Kisses" with her co-host Jeff.2.5776.01257.14%2020-05-18
@ace108 📊 Top Level 1 commenters for 20200517, active hours and how their comments looks like (by @ace108)0.4970.79837.72%2020-05-18
@steevc Happiness is a warm guitar 2.2930.922-148.7%2020-05-18
@cryptopie My Brunchpper For Today Is Pork Leg Stewed In Vinegar2.7844.01830.71%2020-05-18
@rynow Kvass from Russia with Love!!0.0420.37688.83%2020-05-18
@allmonitors Steemit Philippines Travel and Nature Photography #525 - by Allmonitors0.2690.95171.71%2020-05-18
@cryptopie I Think That My Chest X-Ray Test Was Okay0.5589.22693.95%2020-05-18
@kaylinart My Actifit Report Card: May 17 20200.4430.74640.62%2020-05-18
@davedickeyyall The daily highlight reel...3.3854.95231.64%2020-05-18
@sigizzang 스팀 1달러는 언제쯤0.57320.96597.27%2020-05-18
@cryptopie I Needed A New Basic Phone Now0.2070.7973.8%2020-05-18
@progressivechef Appics introduction to Mauritian Chefs 🤩🤩🤩 I made this announcement post to ...0.1610.25837.6%2020-05-18
@cryptopie It Is A Lovely Hot Day Again Here In The Philippines0.5531.63266.12%2020-05-18
@stephenkendal As the World continue to witness an Economic Depression on an unthinkable scale Silver heading to +$700z?2.1896.85168.05%2020-05-18
@dollarvigilante Italy Calls For Bill Gates to be Charged :with Crimes Against Humanity. See below ...2.5947.96467.43%2020-05-18
@tworld 상대적&절대적, Tworld 사전의 밥들 먹자 "상수동 카스티야, 빵돌이 모여라"1.3322.21439.84%2020-05-18
@hilarski Mickey Mouse Visited Our Neighborhood Last Night!1.2381.77530.25%2020-05-18
@davedickeyyall Filmed on Broadway...2.3964.647.91%2020-05-18
@sunscape A lovely Red Rose to sweeten up anyone’s day.0.0450.11560.87%2020-05-18
@freedompoint How To Make A Knife : Pro Tips2.0844.75656.18%2020-05-18
@mauriciovite Hope you all have a great week my friends!0.0180.13686.76%2020-05-18
@anahilarski The calm comes after the storm. ☔🌧️⛈️🌝 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Después de la tormenta ...0.131.8893.09%2020-05-18
@cryptopie I Am Primed And Ready For My 5:30 AM Dialysis0.0790.6988.55%2020-05-18
@maneco64 The Central Bankers' Independence Is an Illusion.0.9862.16454.44%2020-05-18
@rosatravels Getting Better at Making Sesame Biscuit / 芝麻餅乾做法3.795.15126.42%2020-05-18
@mauriciovite Chicago is an Amazing City!!0.1090.21248.58%2020-05-18

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