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Today I read an interesting article by @acidyo describing a contest and an overhaul of the Steemit subreddit. The Reddit Steem Gateway.

To aid this initiative in this post I will give an overview of where the Steemit activity is happening on Reddit at the moment.


The main subreddit related to the Steemit community is found here, it is not very active (compared to other subreddits) which is no surprise considering all the alternatives for people to discuss Steemit related topics, but as a major social media outlet and a place where people may first come before trying out Steemit, activity here is worth monitoring.

First Impressions count. This may be where some people first interact with the Steemit community.


Posts Per Day

In this graphic we show the number of posts per day to the subreddit and the colour indicates the number of comments per day.
Screenshot from 2018-08-14 15-31-01.png

  • The activity levels for number of posts are half of what they were back in January but the number of comments are at similar levels. It will be interesting to see hows the contest will increase activity here.
  • January Figures for comparison

Most commented Post

The most commented post on the Steemit subreddit had 25 comments. The following visualisation shows the interactions on this post

Screenshot from 2018-08-14 15-44-20.png


Running sentiment analysis on the post titles of the Steemit subreddit over the last month gives the following results


Screenshot from 2018-08-14 15-44-57.png

  • Interestingly there is much Anticipation!

Mentions in other Subreddits

Lets next have a look at other subreddits where Steemit has been mentioned in the last 5 days.



The following Wordcloud shows subreddit activity where steemit was mentioned or linked in the last 5 days.
Screenshot from 2018-08-14 15-42-48.png

  • The_IW or Information War subreddit is where the most posts were made but interestingly there was little interaction as comments.

Taking a closer look at interaction in terms of comments, the following graph visualises how many times Steemit was mentioned on other subreddits but also shows how many comments were made (in the last 5 days)


Screenshot from 2018-08-14 15-34-26.png

  • There was a lot of comments yesterday.
  • There were 4 posts yesterday on the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit but 135 comments on that subreddit alone. The Viral post was /r/CryptoCurrency/comments/96ysb2/lets_help_people_discover_great_crypto_blockchain/
  • Other subreddits with significant comment activity were r/eontoken, r/nulsservice,r/eos.


There is clearly not a lot of activity on the Steemit subreddit but I welcome this initiative to clean up the Subreddit and improve it as a landing spot for Potential Steemians.

What metrics from this post did you find most useful? What else would you like to see in future posts?

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Those sentiments seem mostly positive. That's a good sign. I know a lot of people see problems here, but there's a lot of good stuff going on. If they give some time to making it better and not just making money we'll go a long way

Nice data analysis, but I won't be contributing to r/steemit anytime soon.

First, the name offends me. The blockchain is Steem. Steemit, Inc is the name of single company. I don't go to r/blockstream to discuss Bitcoin. Not that I have anything against Blockstream or Steemit, Inc. They both do great work, but I'm not leaving a comment on a centralized platform run by a single company for a reason.

Which leads to my second point, now that I use Steem, I don't waste my time on Reddit. Reddit has terrible symptoms of its centralized design, for example what happened to us during our r/science AMA. And why spend my limited social media time allotment on platforms where upvotes don't have value.

I just read about your AMA session. That is very illuminating. I am shocked, then again I am not shocked I have come across that so many times on other platforms and I am sure we will see it more and more as governments clamp down on tech companies.

I also read about your project and I think that still lacks some things to do that meets your goal at 100% in any way it is important to start with something and he is doing!

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