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I'm not living in Texas currently, but this is the state that I was born and raised. When I first met my now wife, she found out very quickly that if you're from Texas than that state in your eyes is the greatest in the world. Everyone from Texas not only knows that fact but believes it with their entire being.


Don't believe me, visit any place in Texas and start bad mouthing it. I bet more than one Texan will walk up to you and politely explain to you why you're wrong and give you any number of reasons. Over this next 5-days, I can guarantee I will have you asking yourself why you don't already live in Texas.

Texas State Symbol - The Cowboy

The cowboy is a very deep-seated symbol of Texas. From the Dallas Cowboys (love them or hate them there are very few people indifferent about the Cowboys) to Walker Texas Ranger, and even the University of Texas Longhorns.

Cowboy Boots are the State Footwear and Cowboy Hats are the State Hat

State Cooking Implement -
Cast Iron Dutch Oven and the State Dish is Chili

State Sport is the Rodeo


If you've never been to Texas and experienced the wildflowers you're missing out. Unfortunately, when I was living in Victoria, Texas most years the wildflowers were disappointing due to the lack of rain (April showers). The first year I lived there was beautiful. I loved driving too and from work everyday and staring at the beautiful flowers in the fields.

State Flower is the Bluebonnet


To my #steemsilvergold stacking family out there the state precious metal is silver. I know how much most of you like those silver rounds and are excited about the upcoming 2018 Steem Silver Rounds so why not carry that excitement right on down to Texas, where the people are friendly, the cities are busy, the landscape is beautiful, and the gold runs black.

State Metal is Silver

Well I would apologize for being long winded, but I feel like I'm just getting started about explaining why Texas is so great. If you suddenly get the urge to wave at strangers with a little nod and say howdy, well you might just be a Texan. If you're not yet seeing the light, well lucky for me I have 4 more days to convince you why Texas is God's gift to Earth.


How about you come back to the promised land eh?

That would be really nice, and we've talked about it, but no plans at this time.

Come on! Some houses for sale in my neighborhood.

Would never move to Houston

NIce post, Texas is a State I have only visited in Dallas Airport passing through but is a State I hope to visit someday


Haha well i'm about to give you a few more reasons why you should visit this week :D

Indeed I am looking forward to seeing all the state pride


We lived in the Houston area for one year and then in Beaumont area for 4 years. We are now back in our home state of Arkansas... squelched out by hurricane Harvey!
The ozark mountains are unbeatable for the views, but you’re right about Texans... you can’t convince them of anything better.

O noo :( my brother and his wife lost both of there cars and I watched the neighborhood I grew up in be covered in 2 - 3' of water. It was heartbreaking feeling so helpless being so far away and not being able to help. I was born and raised in the Golden Triangle.

I've heard that the stars at night there are big and bright... :D

Deep in the heart of Texas

Cool post, absolutely love Texas and silver! The stew looks great too. Thanks for sharing :)

You should check out this post and consider competing :D

To be honest when I was writing mine, I kind of used your format to create mine.. LOL.. up'd and resteemd!

Yeah, I was hoping this would help inspire people how to set-up their post or what to write about. Glad it worked!

Going to Texas and eating a bowl of authentic Texas Chili cooked over a fire in a cast iron Dutch oven, like the one you have in the picture, is on my bucket list. One of these days.

Don't limit yourself to just the Chili. The Tex-Mex and seafood is pretty amazing as well. Especially as much as it pains me to say this if you cross the border into Louisiana.

Awesome post and photos! What a great way to start statewars!!

Agreed. Love seeing all the awesome posts being written today!

I certify that everything in this post is absolutely true!! The only downside to living here is the land prices are high where I live in East Texas/SE Texas! @mnmleger

Pay should be good depending on what you're doing. Most of the time if I see a decent paying job online it's for somewhere in Texas.

Nice post we in Texas to check out my vlog from Lake Texoma

Oh, and why is it called statewars - I think I am missing something....

This and this may be worth checking out. If you have more questions let me know.

If you have any other questions just hit me up on discord!

Thank you so much!! I think I got it. Now, I am hoping to find the time to do at least one post. What a great idea!!

Just approach it like a 5-minute free write. Everyone has time for one of those don't they ;)?

What do you like about it?

as if in the picture it would be nice to watch it and want to adventure like that

Excellent post friend, we should never forget our roots and you may notice that you miss being there. you made us know in a few lines how beautiful your land is and its name

Thanks! I really do love Texas :D

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

I very much hope you get to extend the steemit. What are your plans to make that happen?

I have only been to Texas twice. Once when I first came here and we drove through and I met my first rattlesnake.
The other time I visited Houston and it was very hot and muggy lol

Your pictures make me want to move right now - but - it also has a water problem :(

Texas sounds so interesting! Kinda love the cowboy aspect but not the steak eating aspect. We actually had the opportunity to move over there nearly a year ago, if even, and go figure if we would've we would've been right in the path of all that flooding and such from the hurricane. We were certainly tempted though

My brother lost both his vehicles (his and his wife's) and the two houses I grew up in that area had 2 - 3' of water in them. My parents have since moved, but I felt pretty crummy seeing all my friends parents I grew up with losing everything and I couldn't go help.

Those wild flowers are pretty cool! I only visit Dallas airport passing through!

Yeah especially if you hit it during the right time of the year under the perfect conditions those wildflowers can be breathtaking.

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I've been to San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. I've heard great things about Austin but I was there for work so I really didn't get a chance to explore. I at least got to the Riverwalk in San Antonio which was great. But I gotta say, I really loved Dallas, thought it was a great city. I even got to go to the State Fair!

Never really spent much time in Dallas. I remember going to a Medieval Times and a Soccer game and that's about it. Austin is definitely worth visiting. Very "weird" place.

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