Do you love fantasy creatures - you may want to check Axie Infinity Game

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What is Axie Infinity?
Axies are digital creatures which are fantastic and are inhabits of Lunacia which an open world owned by players, also it is controlled and they make their operations in this world. The goal here is to save the Princess to fight off the creatures called Chimera because the Lunacia world is under attack, so Kingdom has to bo strengthen by rebuilding it. Basically, each player creates their Kingdom and fights the creatures. For the creation of Kingdom there is a need to buy different Axies offered by the game with the Ethereum since this game also uses blockchain of Ethereum. The purchase happens in a safe way with MetaMask for the creation of the transactions.

These Axies can be breed in order to be found the new combinations. There is a chance for the axies to be created from the eggs which bring bonuses. Once the egg is created the Axies can be raised and earn experience points by feeding them daily. This is how with the experience points you can level up your Axies and open up new skills. As more skills as stronger the Axie will be toward the opponent when making the fights. Commonly the Axies can be sold or purchased in the marketplace with an exchange to money ( with cryptocurrencies ).

Here is the short trailer of the Game well-presented in the video:

The game is available in the Website - Click here

Marketplace and Axies

In the game, there are few types of the Axies. All of these digital figures are unique and have different skills and appearance. With the period of time as the Axies get stronger, you can sell them for a high amount of Ethereum, which is one great example why you have to go in the marketplace order your axie and start raising it. The best thing is to make combinations and breeding eggs. And it takes about a few days for the egg to become Adult axie. There are ages of the eggs in the marketplace, they are;

The marketplace offers different Chests where you can get suprise Axies. And there is a limited amount of Chests.
There are prices and types of the chests as shown in the image where you can see the most expensive one is the Mystic Chest and it costs 1 Eth

This is what the Chests provide;

Among the chests, also different types of Axies can come to you because in the game there are six different types of axies. As more types as stronger, the battles will be.

Axie costs 1.64$ or 0.015Eth , once you have three Axies they are ready for the Battle where in the Battle you can make yuor moves before the game for the attack defend and earn experiences as mentioned with the EXP you can make your axie stronger and they will have stronger level. This is how the battle looksl like;

Few words about this game. I love this and I like the idea behind it because it makes you want to raise more Axies and go through the battles and have more victories, as more victories as stronger Axies and as stronger axies that higher their prices can be, but with the current prices of the cryptocurrencies less people play games that require repating number of the transactions. But I love the idea and how professional they worked for this game. And I suggest you to have a look in the given Links and References.

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