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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there:


Great work! This is super important for Steem's profile.
I can't wait until the numbers start rolling in and Steem crushes almost everyone else!

And there's me just completely missing this! WOW! Great work @soyrosa! I need to be informed of these things though, because sometimes I'm talking to people in Korea at 4 a.m. 😆 and then 'stuff' just goes past me. I would have loved to see this unfold. So please, next time you're pulling a stunt like this one, let me know 😬.

Sweet! Way to go. Something very good came out of my post that pointed out Steem was nowhere to be found on their site. You made it happen :)

YES, it truly frustrated me - thanks for writing your post, it was the trigger I needed :D

Another demonstration of what can be accomplished when we work together as a community! Thanks for your effort!

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Indeed! Group effort is what it is <3

Amazing job Rosa!

Thank you @abh12345! Glad it ended up giving results! It's needed!

You're a warrior for Steem 🙋🏻‍♀️⚡️

I feel like painting my face with warrior make-up now :D

Soyrosa for president!

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It's a bit much, but if the people demand it, I'll take the job! :')

(Thanks for being part of the chain that made me go to twitter in the first place :D You should become my advisor once I'm president :D)

You're welcome. I'll be glad to be your advisor.
$rewarding 30% 15 min

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We'll make great things happen, I'm sure of it :D

You are a genious!
I NEVER RESTEEM! but you won a place in my blog!!!!

OOOHHH!!! I feel honoured :D Thanks @leotrap, I appreciate you immortalizing part of my Steem history on your timeline <3

Way to go @soyrosa. Appreciate you leading the charge on this one. It makes me even more proud to be part of this community. Seeing everyone’s support is super encouraging and the efforts made here will make Steem bigger in all reaches of the globe. -Ken

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Thanks for your support @kenmelendez! I'm proud to be part of this community as well, especially at these moments when together we show our superpowers... <3

Great work 😁

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YAY! You're awesome.

Keep doing 'little things', they won't change the world today, but they add up in the end.

YES! And we can all participate. Love seeing the community come together to make things happen, AND it takes someone to start things, too. Kudos, my dear. Well done!

Things come together... @krnel writes a post, @taskmaster4450 mentions the post, I read a comment by @markkujantunen, and voilá, I'm the next in the chain of actions. I love it, that's what all these connections we make here add up to <3 Thanks @katrina-ariel! <3

The chain of actions. YES! Amazing, really. :)

nice work! :)

That's some high quality tweeting you did Rosa. I literally dropped a tweet on the thread an hour ago.

Steem had been accepted! Fantastic work you did!

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:D Never even knew tweets could have any quality! LOL!

Thats just amazing!

Well done!

It always annoyed me when people only talk about ETH when it comes to DApp users when Steem has so many users. This is a good step, great work.

Yes, it annoys me too, I went to a blockchain event two weeks ago and all they think Steem is... is a failed blogging website :-/

Well done! I mean really well done! Awesome job and thank you for the effort, but mostly the results.

Hehe, yes, effort is nice, but results is what we need at the moment! Thanks @whatsup!

just wanted to say I'm really proud of you..

Although at what point do steem apps stop being dapps?
Not hating on them but...
Magic Dice is pretty centralized...
Then again...
Did anyone really agree on what truly a dapp yet?

Hehe - I believe many dApps are called that even though they are not decentralized indeed. I've seen some people use 'bApps' (blockchain Apps), and I suspect @therealwolf thought about this as well and therefore called his tool SteemApps, no b or d included.

Hehe - Fitting image! :D We'll get there ;-)

I knew the earlier request was going to be granted with the love and commitments the Steemit community has for our ecosystem.

Well-done for the effort, and achievement

Yes, I felt from the first moment they were open to it and the community effort really pushed it over the edge I think. Thanks @emjoe!

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Yey :) Excellent job.
We should continue this trend and made it to the others similar webs like and

Yes! Let's see if we can make them the next ;-)

This the way to go ! Thank you for your contribution to Steem promotion

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Thank you for thanking me! ;-)

Nicely done! Sometimes all that we need to do is ask! :)

Truth! ;-)

This looks to be great for steem.

It sure is :-)

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Great job Rosa!👍 I made my small contribution commenting on Twitter🐤😉

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Yes you did! :-)

Woah! That's awesome! : D

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Wow! That's really awesome @soyrosa! It'll be very interesting to see what happens when actual usage numbers start filling in.

From looking at the list, the only obvious one I see missing would be Dlike... but I'll have to check my bookmarks again.

To me, this is a great example of the sort of community/grassroots marketing we need, rather than sitting around "waiting for Steemit, Inc" to take action.

The numbers are available @denmarkguy! See how Steem has the number 2 game in terms of daily active users? It's great to see :D DLike should be added indeed, if you see any more don't hesitate to add them!

Oh, and yes, for this:

To me, this is a great example of the sort of community/grassroots marketing we need, rather than sitting around "waiting for Steemit, Inc" to take action.

NICE! Thanks for adding two more dApps to the site :-) We'll grow steadily and before you know it Apps will start adding themselves because they want to be on there :-)

Great job, good to see all the Steem Dapps compared to slow Ethereum Network. I hope that the Data comes in good and fast. Next Target Dapp Radar!!!

The data is in! Go look :D

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This is one of the highest rewarded posts I've seen in a long time without the use of bid bots, the way it should be when people contribute. Well done and well deserved.

Thanks @steemmatt, I feel grateful for the support from the community! It's how it should work indeed, but there's never a guarantee that it will, so I'm happy with all the support in whatever variety that has come my way the past few days.

Great job @soyrosa !! Proud of our fellow dutchy ;)

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Another demonstration of what can be accomplished when we work together as a community! Thanks for your effort!.....

Thanks Ricky!

Wow this is a good news! I hope its gonna affect the state of Steem price and SBD right now

These things won't change the price immediately, but what if developers now see the cool Apps being built on Steem? They might just start developing over here as well... Or what if someone is looking for a game on EOS and sees he can play something on Steem as well? That's the effect I'm expecting it will have :-) Oh, and journalists writing about the activity on blockchains will like the numbers as well :-)

What a great effort! Thanks for this!

No, thank YOU for stepping up and doing this! 😘

That's great work @soyrosa and @therealwolf. Small steps make big changes and i'm sure that it wasn't easy to put all of this together. I'm a huge believer in momentum in all aspects of life and if we can put together a few more wins like this it will inspire and motivate people to do more activities like this. You said it all stemmed from one tweet but look at how much your inititive could achieve. That and the steem apps site from therealwolf.

Anybody could have sent the tweet but you were the person who say an opportunity and took it.

Thanks @niallon11! Yes, I hope people keep doing the small actions, they truly add up in the end. In hindsight I'm glad I was annoyed enough to send the tweet ;-)

Thanks, I just spent an hour looking at all the different dapps.
I was wondering if there was a listing of these and you answered, Thanks.

It is really nice to see that steem dapps will be recognized outside the chain now, isn't it?
But that simple step/tweet that led to this occasion deserve the support it is getting right now...

That's the main effect this will have indeed, it's a form or recognition and since journalists and stuff like 'easy information' I suspect when they are writing about (d)Apps they will grab the numbers from sites like these... And we don't do that bad if you look at daily users for some Apps, don't you think? :-)

Hahaha, love the picture at the bottom; one like and one comment from @stateofthedapps great that they accepted, i think this will attract a lot of people to Steem and give it a nice overview because until now it was hard to find your way around to new dapps. Thanks, cheers

Yeah! Great work!

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This reminds me of your hand-written letters to CoinBase @kenmelendez 👍

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It is pretty cool to see that we have some traction and visibility of the action of this blockchain!

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Wow that's pretty freaking amazing!!

I've always thought that ... Steemit is closed inside Steemit and that's not positive. It does not matter from the point of view that you want to look at it. It is not positive.

nor is it positive that all publications that talk about steemit. Always be the publications that earn the most money. That makes everyone want to publish talking only about the application or in the applications, in the chain of blocks.

It is ridiculous. It does not favor quality content.

It only favors a slow death. With hundreds of people talking, voting and following a monothema. Even I have fallen into the trap. I only talk about those issues, cryptocurrencies and other issues around Steemit.

There are millions of news that are not discussed, commented, published, disseminated or valued as they should here..

Steemit should open your eyes more outwards.

I should struggle to open indefinite records.

And move within the other social networks.

Attract people, not by coming to earn money. For generating real quality content, for being a powerful tool for disseminating current news.. Not only cryptocurrency news.
. This is a boring topic for most human beings.

Are you not technically prepared for this @steemitblog? I do not know. Maybe not..

But, this would be the main focus for which one should fight; The rest is a lost battle.

Nice job @soyrosa! A simple question goes a long way!
Cheers :)

Oh wow! Congratulations! That's a decent score for the STEEM team!... and just asking nicely!

ThAnx for the effort!! You rock

Top, op naar het volgende

Inderdaad, volgende app sites al op het oog ;-)

Keep me posted 😉

Excellent work! The more publicity the better!

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That is indeed excellent news @soyrosa

Seriously! I wonder how did you feel when you found out about it? I bet you were super excited :)


Yes, I was happy, but might have been even more overwhelmed to see how happy others were, they really showed they were grateful and so I realized I did well - lol. It was such a 'simple' act really, but it was received with a lot of positivity :-)

I always enjoy reading such a positive comments as yours @soyrosa

Allow me to invite you to visit my latest post (my last one in 2018). Together with few friends we decided to organize small charity event "Santa Venezuela" and hopefully we can count on your help. There are many ways of helping our venture :)


Rosa for president!

Can you be my vice-president?

if dulce de leche cake is in the contract .. I'm in !

Well, you'd be the one getting me cakes and Dulce de Leche... Or is that not what vice-presidents do? I also think I'd work better if I had a personal awesome guitar player :D (No r.....ton of course)

If I get stroopwafels for the cake you have a deal... where do i sign?

Awesome! Your contract will be made official by sharing your fave recording (by yourself) here in the comments so I can upvote it. After the upvote has taken place the deal will be made official. You'll get a lifelong supply of Stroopwafels :D

hahahaha a tough one! .. but.. I'll go with this <3

sits and waits for Vice-President bagde... and stroopwafels


Contract has been made official :D I have to listen to the song tomorrow and get you your badge and Stroopwafels after I have done that :D