STEEM on DappRadar? // Maybe soon

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This morning i taken a look at the STEEM price and the Steemitblog account talking about MIRA and such. While ill be dissapointed if the SMT testnet doesnt launch on 15th of March its still nice to see them communicating with the community about what they're working on.

So i was browsing a bit through CMC and thought it would be a good idea to look into some other blockchains with Dapp building potential.

Things like LISK (39th in MC), Zilliqa (36th in MC), ETC (18th in MC). What i found out is that barely anyone is using any of those blockchains. The projects ive looked at for most part havent updated their websites for months. The social footprint is extremely small. There are probably dozens of blogs on STEEMIT that get more attention and engagement then most of these dapps reddits/telegrams/discords.

It very much showed me that while we always talk about adoption, the market rarely considers it when determining asset value.

So i went to take a look at "State of the Dapps" once again to do a bit of comparison with EOS and ETH and i have to say that for a blockchain that has its problems and has a 30 times smaller MC then EOS and 100 times smaller MC then ETH STEEM is doing extremely well, looking at the user numbers.

I mean just consider STEEM at ETH market cap. 1 STEEM = $46. Which blockchain could compete with STEEM in users then?

With all the issues facing STEEM i just have to acknowledge how incredibly undervalued STEEM is right now.
And im someone that will point out every single failure of STEEM.

After that i booted up my Discord (Oh, how i love thee) and went on the discord server of another dapp listing site.


Was interested in seeing when they might list STEEM or if they even were considering adding STEEM to DappRadar. The mod there was pretty nice, considering how many folks must DM them on the daily basis. lol.
Which surprised me honestly.

Why would you want your blockchain added besides EOS/TRON/ETH if your dapp adoption is extremely low? Do you want to show that the most used dapp on your platform of investment choice has 10 daily users? (Just take a look at ETC dapp listing site -

This is the response i got to my inquiry.

Screenshot (295).png

Of course, this could be just a vague answer, but the:

"We are actively looking into it"

fills me with some hope.

I love Stateofthedapps but i still think DappRadar has more detailed Stats and is used more. Even if you look at the Alexa rankings, DappRadar is placed much higher. 60k vs 150k.

I really think that we need to have STEEM compared to "the big boys" as often as possible, even if STEEM isnt leading in most categories, to show that what they have at billions of dollars of market cap, STEEM has at 100 mil.

Ill see you around. ;)

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With all the shilling going on about steem on twitter I'm glad you shared information like this. No one cares about fast transactions and blocktimes anymore. Bitcoin is getting cheaper and more efficient every day.

It will be the dapps and projects built upon the blockchain that will be what helps build and push Steem into the future. It's also nice not to see a bunch of FOMO statements like you're going to miss out if you don't invest today!

Glad to see DappRadar working on including Steem so thanks for sharing!

Hype day is everyday. hehe
I agree. Tech will improve across the board but the dapps will show true value. If you dont have adoption, what do you have?

It's a shame that dapp radar is not listing Steemit and other Steem-based dApps, which are one of the most successful dapps in crypto space. I cannot take dapp radar seriously unless it has a proper listing of all Steem dapps.

Well they told me they were looking into adding Steem. I screenshot the reply a moderator gave me in the discord chat.

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