Steemwallet DApp Review- Fast, secure wallet for Steem blockchain- Task by @oracle-d

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This is my review post for Wallet DApp as per the Task#

When it comes to keeping our money safe then we think of wallet. It does not matter whether you have physical Money (know as FIAT also) or digital money but we need wallet to keep it safe. Technology is evolving everyday now we have keep our funds in digital forms in digital wallets. Cryptocurrecies has changed scenario and its making our life easy in various ways and payment transfers system has gone to the next level. Though there are many countires who are not much active in crypto but sooner or later they will understand the imporance of it.

There are many cryptocurrencies but the first cryptocurrency was bitcoin which was started approx 10 years back. When it was started people would not have thought that it can transfrom the world but now it is and we can see a new era with crypto.

Today I am going to review an open source wallet DAapp SteemWallet-

Inroduction of steemwallet

Github Repositery:

Steemwallet is an open source wallet for steem blockchain founded by @roelandp and launched on 18th December 2018. This wallet gives an easy to use UI and fastest steem transcation processing. The steemwallet app is made for users of the Steem blockchain so that they can perform their steem transaction safe, secure and faster. This wallet provides wallet transfer through QR scanner and that is an amazing feature of this. @roelandp is well know name in steem blockchain and this wallet is great development by him. Steemwallet is available in Android and iOS both platform.

img src


Steemwallet is different and amazing as its built with 3 foundations-

  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Secure


How to start with Steemwallet?

This wallet is available in both platforms- Android Play Store and iOS App Store

  • Download and install this wallet app in smarthpone. After the install you can see this app icon in your phone (as shown in below image)


  • Open the app and home page will open like this-

1st page.jpg

You can create steem account using "Create Account" option and if you already have account then use "Add Account" option.

I have added my account and can see the STEEM and SBD balance of my account. Transation history is also showing here.


Using the Send we can send steem or SBD to another steem wallet and in the same way we can received as well.

Send and receive though QR code is an amzing feature provided with this wallet. It saves time and amazingly easy to use. Its like just scan and done.


In Setting option there are various option-

Node- This is steemit by default however there are other options available.
Currency - Can change currency of your choice and it will show the balance in the selecte currency.
Theme - Diffrent Color themes available select.
Create Account- Can create wallet account using this option.
Buy Steem- We can buy steem using this wallet.
Factory Reset- Through this option we can reset the wallet.


While creation of wallet it ask to create password and enable or disable touch if (depending upon phone feature). For the password it also show the password difficulty level.


My liking about the Steemwallet

I downloaded this wallet yesterday and sharing my review after almost a day time. I used this app mutiple times in a day time so experice all aspects of the wallet- Here is what I liked about it-

  • Speed-It takes fraction of second to open everytime. Everytime I just tap the icon and its ready.

  • Usually wallets supports single account but this one provides option to manager mutiple account.

  • QR feature is nice one and makes easy to use for send and receive. I dont like copy paste of wallet address and for me this is awesome.

  • User Interface (UI) is smooth and super easy.

  • Finger touch access is provided if its available on phone. Sign in & send transactions with touch id makes it more convenient.

  • Widget confugiration is also provided

What I did not like about steemwallet-

I did not find any issue with the functionality of the wallet but since I need to give the honest review so few things I want to mention which should be considered-

  • I could not found any support of help section in wesbite and app both. Its good that app is very much stable and working fine but in case of any problem arise then there is no way to ask for help and support.
  • Now a days social media is popular platform to be and connect with more poeple worldwide but I see that Steemwallet do not have any social media presence. They dont have any social media handle in their website. Steem is social media blockchain but this wallet is not in social media and it looks strange.


While my usage experience of almost one day I did not face any problem and app is stable all the time. I am impressed with few innovative features like biometric, QR codes and widget configuration option. This wallet is very easy to use and user can keep a track of all the steem transactions through this. Wallet is safe and scure and runs on offers mutiple layer of security. It uses AES 256 encryption for security which is nice. Undoubtedly @roelandp has done a great job in building this wallet to process steem transations with ease but He needs to share more awareness about it. Promotion through Social media and its presence would be a good idea to bring more users onboard. In terms of development I would like to see some airdrop support in future.


I rate Steemwallet 4.5 out of 5

Official Website:

I have shared snapshots from the wallet app and if its not from app then source is provided

So Would you like to try the Steemwallet app now? Try it out and its worth it.

Thank you for reading this post.

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Hello, @alokkumar121!

Thank you for your contribution to Utopian. I agree that safety is very important when it comes to funds and assets, and picking the correct alternative can prove to be a rather difficult task, given the huge variety of wallets available these days. SteemWallet is a wonderful project, and you did a good job of promoting this tool with an informative blog post.

On the content side, I like all the information provided. The post is detailed and well-illustrated with relevant images, and the content is unique and personal. However, I do believe that this would have been a much better review if you had shared a bit more information about your personal experience with this tool. Regardless, the post contains a fair amount of editorial content, and I appreciate the effort you put into your work.

That said, the post did have severe issues of grammar and style, and I would be happy to point out some of those in a follow-up comment, if you wish. I would advise you to consider using grammar checker software in order to enhance the readability of your texts. Tools like Hemingway and Grammarly will serve you well in composing clear, mistake-free writing.

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Hi @lordneroo
This is the first time I tried to contribute and appreciate that you reviewed my post.
Kindly help me to point out my mistakes so that I can work on that area and improve in future. This would be a great help to me and I thank you for your your time and support.

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Hello! I will cite a few examples for you:

Cryptocurrecies has changed scenario and its making our life easy in various ways and payment transfers system has gone to the next level.

Let me rephrase that: "Cryptocurrencies have changed the game, and this makes our life easier in various ways. For instance, payment systems have reached a new level."

You can create steem account using "Create Account" option and if you already have account then use "Add Account" option.

This is a better sentence: "You can create a Steem account using the "Create Account" option, and if you already have an account, then you can use the "Add Account" option."

As I said in my review comment, you should consider using grammar checker software. It's really easy to use, and it will help you improve your writing skills.

I hope you will find this comment useful.


Hi @lordneroo
This is indeed a great help for me and I appreciate your efforts to taking out time and sharing this information. I will surely work on it and will use grammer tool to ensure grammatically correct sentence.

I love to learn and know the area of improvement and thanks a million to help me and yes its very useful for me. Have a great time. Thanks

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Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

Hi, thanks for the post. I was aware of the steemwallet app, but haven't tried it out. I appreciate the additional information that you provided about it here.

I included a link to your post in my recent article, Interesting Links: June 12, 2019, and set the beneficiary rewards so that you'll receive 5% of that post's rewards.


Hi, Steemwallet is is nice DApp and glad that you liked. Thanks much for your support.

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