Sharing My old Drawings 20/20

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Hi There!

So once a day i will share what i have for 20 days in a row if you all like it i will do another post just like this 😆

This drawings go from 1 year ago to 5 Years ago so there is no video of me drawing them 😆 sorry.

So my 20th one of today will be:

Universo "Universe"

Hope you enjoy it

If you missed the last posts follow the link

1/20 - A Bailarina "The Ballet dancer"

2/20 - Caveira Mexicana "Mexican skull"

3/20 - Mariza Ferreira "Portuguese Singer called Mariza Ferreira"

4/20 - Pierrot

5/20 - Kiko

6/20 - Herman José "An Portuguese actor called Herman José"

7/20 - Elefante "Elephant"

8/20 - Ceifador de Almas "Grim Reaper"

9/20 - Lobo Mulher "Wolf Woman"

10/20 - O Gato "The Cat"

11/20 - Animal Skull

12/20 - Papa Francisco "Pope Francis"

13/20 - As Mãos "The Hands"

14/20 - Anjo caído "Fallen Angel"

15/20 - Jesus

16/20 - Water Fall

17/20 - Alice no Pais das Maravilhas "Alice in Wonderland"

18/20 - Flutuar "To float"

19/20 - A Caveira "The Skull"


And what kind of material? It looks like pastel. I'm now trying an oil pastel ...

Hi @marymik23 thank you for commenting it´s always a joy because you don´t only comment but ask or reference something its cool you do that i really enjoy that 😊

The material i used to do this was play wood and spay paint 😊
nothing more i haven´t done more because i am in a apartment, and dont have a space to do it like i would like too 😊 working with spray paint is a great thing you can do so much with it but you need a place were you can do it in 😊

Oil pastel i also like and have done some work with it back in the days 😊

Now i am about to try acrylic painting 😊

but once again the space is what making me not do it right now 😊 it also requires some space dedicated just for that 😊

I really, really need to get a house with some land so i can do a work shop just for my work 😊
i have loads of ideas and great things i could do but dont have space to do it in 😊

Leave you 2 other that i did:



Sorry for the bad quality image but thats the best photo i have

Very interesting work. But I could not translate what kind of paint you used.
Now summer will come and it will be possible to work on the street, go out to the open-air, many artists suffer from the fact that there is no workshop, I understand you.

Hi @marymik23 any spray paint you can find will do, no special brand that i used i got the first cheap spray paint that i could find got all the colors i wanted and then to the plywood and go made 😊 .
This summer i will be doing a massive wall in spray paint 😊
i´ll post in in steemit when finished but it is a project that´s going to take a month or two to finish 😊

Spray Paint:

Will it be graffiti?

Hi @marymik23 yes it will be

You seldom come here) you go to visit ...

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