Sharing My old Drawings 19/20

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Hi There!

So once a day i will share what i have for 20 days in a row if you all like it i will do another post just like this 😆

This drawings go from 1 year ago to 5 Years ago so there is no video of me drawing them 😆 sorry.

So my 19th one of today will be:

A Caveira "The Skull"

Hope you enjoy it

If you missed the last posts follow the link

1/20 - A Bailarina "The Ballet dancer"

2/20 - Caveira Mexicana "Mexican skull"

3/20 - Mariza Ferreira "Portuguese Singer called Mariza Ferreira"

4/20 - Pierrot

5/20 - Kiko

6/20 - Herman José "An Portuguese actor called Herman José"

7/20 - Elefante "Elephant"

8/20 - Ceifador de Almas "Grim Reaper"

9/20 - Lobo Mulher "Wolf Woman"

10/20 - O Gato "The Cat"

11/20 - Animal Skull

12/20 - Papa Francisco "Pope Francis"

13/20 - As Mãos "The Hands"

14/20 - Anjo caído "Fallen Angel"

15/20 - Jesus

16/20 - Water Fall

17/20 - Alice no Pais das Maravilhas "Alice in Wonderland"

18/20 - Flutuar "To float"


Nice work. Could be a great tattoo.

Hi @chadizms thanks a lot, yea it could be 😊 if you interested in one i can draw one for you that is another thing i do 😊

Lovely style.. There is a time for everything, even death :) Great work ...

Hi @newtreehints 😊 yea so true, thanks for the comment

Love the skull. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.

Hi @joeyarnoldvn thanks for the comment, and welcome Joey hop to see you again

Great. Thanks. Good. How are you?

Hi @joeyarnoldvn i am great and you?

yea it's really nice

yea it's really nice

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