The Great Hoth Heat Wave continues...

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As they waited for their care package the snowtrooper unit continued to explore the exposed surface of Hoth. It was so completely different as to leave them dumbfounded. They trudged through a swampy mess of old sticky decayed vegetation.

One can imagine the amount of water that had been released from the deep snowdrifts that had piled up for many generations.

They really did stick out like sore thumbs in their bright snowhite suits. They started to think maybe it was a good idea to rub mud all over themselves to hide better, but the stench of the rot made them change their plans. They would continue to wait for a care package from the Empire.

Meanwhile, the Empire - entirely forgetting about their Snowtroop on Hoth had traveled to the distant vacation system where they enjoyed many luxurious planets filled with expansive beaches on endless coastlines. The bitter cold of Hoth was a distant memory...

To be continued...

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Very good photo, well done!

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No problemo! Macro Photography is awesome!

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Well what can I say now? I've seen yet three of your LEGO Star Wars posts and now I follow you! Keep up with the great stuff!

Thanks! I will keep the posts coming. :)