Startup Blabber #016​: What is Elon Thinking?

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Dear Steemians,

Elon Musk has really been in the news a lot lately, much of it due to negative press. I won't go into too much detail. I like to think of the glass half full, plus I'm a huge fan of Elon. While he has gone from media darling to a target of the media, all that media exposure probably has exacerbated his image, life, and actions. With all of the media portrayals cast aside, one thing I do think ... I do think he is a startup genius.

The one thing he did really overdo was time management.

This is probably one of my biggest flaws. If you take a look at my schedule, it is jam-packed one week, and then completely empty the next (probably a result of my feeling exhausted from the week before). Then the vicious cycle starts again, and my schedule is jam-packed and then empty. I know this to be a flaw, but I can't seem to pry myself from rectifying the situation.

I wonder if Elon has a similar flaw, but with creating new companies. From what I have read, he is somewhat of a micromanager-type of leader, which means he may have to cut back on some of the projects and wholly devote his time to a dedicated few. There is no way even Superman can micromanage all of those super companies (Tesla, previously SolarCity, SpaceX, Boring Company, etc.)

With that in mind, I do hope that he can get out of the mire that he has created and prove everyone wrong. His dreams and aspirations are exactly what today's kids need (minus all of the ungentlemanly conduct as of late)!

There was a really good news article on CNBC regarding Buffett, Gates, and time that I thought I would share. Buffett's big takeaway was that his schedule is mostly empty, which gives him time to reflect on the bigger picture, rather than go busily from one meeting to the next.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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I am a Musk fan and investor in Tesla. I worry he is close to burnout, and glad he took the SEC deal this week. He was close to burnout. Thanks for the link to the article!


I'm also a huge Musk fan and will always root for him, but he may have started more than he could handle. Add that to all of the scrutiny by the media and you have a bad concoction brewing.


I agree.
Even more important, he does not have a clear succession plan; Steve Jobs had Wozniak and Tim Cook; Musk needs a few sharp people to make things happen.