Starteos: Roadmap & Position on Dividends

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1. Starteos - Block Producer Roadmap

1). Our Values
As BP, we will contribute to the promotion of EOS community, increase the influence of the community, encourage and help more DAPP developpers for the realization of the DAPPs. At the same time, we will make critical decisions or recommendations in order to maintain the stability of the network.
2). Our Roadmap
May 2018: Test and perfect node network, build and complete the first-stage operational architecture and wait for the launch of the main chain.
June 2018: Complete the corresponding supporting component service module to provide a good development environment for DAPP developers.
3). Financial Statement
Starteos is independently funded and fully owned by Ang Li. The expenditure used for the block candidacy activities is also provided by Ang Li. We estimate an expenditure of approximately 1,200,000 USD by June 3rd and we will publish the costs for expansions as EOS network is expanded. The funding has been provided without strings attached, just for a better EOS community and for us to grow and improve with EOS. Attaching importance to the right to speak for the company and decide for projects, we have not accepted any investment or financing. All the funds came out of our pocket.
30% Operation cost (Administrative, Payroll & Operations)
20% DAPP development(Starteos digital wallet, upcoming DAPPs)
20% Community projects(DAPP rating and corresponding public service support for the Community)
15% Taxes & Legal fees
10% Hardware & Insurance costs
5% Enterprise reserves
4). We will disclose our revenue items and expenditures. We will use part of the proceeds for normal service maintenance and the other part to continue investing in community development.

2. Position on Dividends
We will not perform vote purchase. We will invest revenues other than the expenses related with maintenance, etc. into the development of community projects and reward those individuals or organizations that have made contributions to the community.