Stars Align: seeking partners on a Foundation Design for the Steem ecosystem

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I've started working on a design for the Community Foundation Design (s)Election that will be go public soon. I call it a (s)election because in order to satisfy multiple stakeholders on the chain I think it will involve both an election through stake weighted voting to show what the chain supports, and since the majority of the initial funding seems to be coming from Steemit Inc they'll likely have an element of selection in regards to what they want to fund. I've heard Ned suggest the various groups ponder what they would do with 10 Million steem. To me it means this organization can have a huge impact on the chain!

The Backstory

I'm calling this project "Stars Align."

I've been thinking about stars aligning as this process has unfolded. Out of the seemingly massive dumpster fire that was brewing, which was a near witness wide revolt, has come a really beautiful democratic, transparent, and transformative entity called Steem Alliance on a quest to build a community wide foundation working WITH Steemit.

I believe this nascent organization and partnership with Steemit has a chance to push the mainstream adoption of Steem further than ever before and support the token price for all hodlers. In order for this to happen it took a HF threat, a mass exodus of witnesses, a regrouping, an election, planning, a negotiation, a shift, a proposal, a plot twist and now the opportunity. And that's just part of it... To me that feels like the stars had to align to make something with this much potential awesome come out of where we were headed.

The main plot twist

The plot twist to me has been the most exciting. The witnesses and stakeholders who were (and some still are) getting ready to riot I think of as "the dissenters." These Dissenters have had enough of the status quo. The group voted to present to Steemit a proposal for community governance that would be funded enough to support business and development needs on the chain separate from Steemit itself. The plot twist shone through when 2 days later Ned resurrected Steemit's work on the "Steem Research Foundation," which had been sitting on a dusty shelf for a year. Plot Twist: both groups valued the same thing to bring about change! To bring that about I feel like the stars of the platform had to gather and align to make something beautiful come out.

Steem Alliance Process

In the coming week the ad hawk working group will organization an election for the duly elected Working Group.
The new working group will organize and facilitate a community wide Design Contest for a Steem Foundation.
The Working Group will likely narrow down the entries internally, and then present some of the strongest proposals to a voting round open to all steem power holders.
Then with input from the community on the strongest proposals Steemit should have a lot of information handy on what to fund and how based on the designs presented.
From there the working group is dissolved, the Foundation takes over, and the real work of mainstreaming the chain begins.

What is the overall design of the Stars Align Project?

I'm not ready to give too much away, but on the simple side it's a Trust arrangement with a design meant to satisfy the needs of the various stakeholders on the chain. I've identified Steemit, the witnesses, the whales, the community members, the most followed accounts, the dapps, and the normie masses as the groups we need to consider. I have a general process, some roles, and a ton of work we need to complete to create a fully thought project that's worthy of this ecosystem and stands a chance at mainstreaming our community.

Who am I looking for?

I'm looking for passionate, hard workers that want to see a community wide foundation flourish. I need a mix of business, marketing, community, whale, dev, non-dev, and all sorts of people to help flesh out this design and pour their passion into making the best damn design we can. The core team is already a handful of top 20 witnesses and I'm looking to grow that to include people with large followings, large stake, a large presence on the chain, and am especially interested in finding folks who are excited to work with me.


If you're interested please leave a comment below with what you think you bring to the table to help an organization like this flourish. Those of us that are already on this will review and pick out a total of 9 people to complete the design. The design itself will require more than 9 people to operate, but the process of designing it needs to be a little smaller than that for now to be efficient in a short period of time.


This is work. It's unpaid work. The stakes may be as high as helping to build and coordinate a 10M steem foundation, or it could all break and that may not happen. We'll have daily interactions for a few weeks and we'll work on documents like process, budget, community guidelines, scope of the various boards, and more.


Personally, I think this presents an opportunity of a lifetime. See our coin mainstreamed, dapps a plenty, community members engaged, and a buzzing community center filled with passionate people who love Steem. This is our chance. Let me know if you'd like to help the Stars Align. Feel free to ask me questions in Discord.


hey aggroed,
I would be happy to help if there is still help needed. I have a short description of my CV written in the SA Discord within the Nominees Foundation Channel, I have been dealing with a lot of the mentioned topics for quite a time within my day to day job and I would be more than happy if this experience could also help move Steem into a brighter future for us all.
Kind regards

It has surely been an interesting last couple of days and would agree with you when saying that alignment has made a push to get here. I am still reading through most of the discussions and enjoy that there is constructive criticism of ideas instead of all agreement and the sorts. I look forward to reading more about the effort and how it is built by the community, for the community.

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Count me in:

Happy to help in what ever way I can.

As a quick summary, I worked as an auditor and tax advisor in the financial service sector while at KPMG and then Deloitte. Setup a number of small businesses after I left and now operate an accounting practice based in North London as well as managing a private Crypto Fund and as Finance Director at a health care company.

And I like drama and !popcorn

I don't have much to offer in terms of being a whale, having a large following, being a dev, or really anything other than normie bs, but I have been on Steemit for 33 moons and if there is some grunt work that I could help with I would like to devote some of my time.

Hey @aggroed,

Thanks for pushing this work forward.

I'd like to offer my help with project management, organizational structure and governance.

Some time ago I wrote a post that describes how we (the Steem ecosystem) could work together and do governance: I think something along these lines could work well, while still staying flexible (i.e. it could be as formal as we want it to be).

I'm also on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization called The Venus Project / Resource Based Economy:

I'm happy to help however you think I can.

Please message me in Discord and I can give you a link. will take you to PAL and I can be reached there.

I need a mix of business, marketing, community, whale, dev, non-dev, and all sorts of people to help flesh out this design and pour their passion into making the best damn design we can.

I don't like chatting much but I do like to solve problems. Let me know if my fulltimebots can be of service.

Hey @fulltimegeek

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I am new, but I like this direction

I really hate to think about it this way but the way things were going I'm surprised death threats weren't happening. For a little while I thought that's my Ned went MIA lol

Glad to hear about the project and I can't wait to see the design. The way you people involve yourself in projects, I wonder what I still doing because I am still yet to create my own projects. I guess you people are doing a great job here and you people should be appreciated.

Thanks for this Aggro! It's been pretty weird with all the witness statements on Friday, and then Steemit apparently doubling down with it's power down and then.... silence. Slightly un-nerving. So, really great to hear from you.

I would absolutely volunteer, but I don't think I can bring anything particularly unique to the table.

I do have a question though, what prevents Steemit from falling into silence once the threat of a witness-revolt has calmed? I'm not trying to demonize them in the slightest, I'm just not 100% sure what might continually make this project a priority for them.

Please message me in Discord and I can give you a link. will take you to PAL and I can be reached there.

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