Further observations about Staircase

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Further observations about Staircase worth sharing

It still took 20-45 minutes from that point for her to bleed out. There was a ton of blood in that stairwell, and some kind of struggle and/or clean-up (to make the scene match his narrative) ensued. I think that explains the blood all over his clothes/shoes. But Mike's twisted writer's mind kicked in (those creepy book manuscripts housed at Duke University that Kathleen's sisters found & copied are quite revealing), and he saw another opportunity (like Germany) and seized upon it.

If you listen carefully to the 911 calls (evidence proves she was LONG dead before he made them) with your eyes closed (don't watch any accompanying video, and w/ no emotion involved), you can tell the calls are staged by the language used and his responses. There is an expert online who breaks down that 911 call and shows all the glaring inconsistencies in it.

Mike is clearly acting, especially when he's whimpering for a bit before he hangs up. He was an Officer and had military training and served in Nam, so you don't panic and whimper in that situation. You take action long before she bleeds out. If he supposedly found her when he says he did (hours after they drank wine by the pool), most of that blood would have been dried already. The arriving EMT's made note of the dried blood. And there would not have been as much of a mess as there was on her, him, and the stairwell. Also, no need to take off his shoes and socks, and no need for the roll of paper towels found next to her.


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