2018 Stackingoals

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So I don't know if I can claim this, but I was able to purchase the number 10 2017 Steem round off @steembay from @coolbowser. I'm hoping it @phelimint decides to lock in the under 100 numbers for the 2018 round this locks me in for the #10 coin as it's been my favorite number for almost my entire life. All the best soccer players are #10. Goal #1 already completed.


I'm hoping to order at least 5 of the 2018 Steem Silver rounds. I think/hope this will continue to be a yearly thing and I'll be able to give away a few to those that couldn't afford one, missed the boat, or whatever excuse as this seems to be an awesome ritual of this community.


I'd also like to get at least one of the 2oz succubus that @phelimint makes. I really like the way the 2016 and 2017 look and can't wait to see the design for 2018. If you haven't already and are thinking about getting some silver head on over to phelimint.com and check out some awesome silver coins he has on his site that can be purchased with Steem. Part of a stretch goal would also be to pick up the 2016 and 2017 coins as well if I can afford it.


My final one would be to pick up at least 1 American Silver Eagle this year. Maybe it's just because I'm a 'Murican, but this seems like it will be a good/fun coin to add to my collection every year.


I'm a bit of a stacker novice, but as I ended 2017 with 3 oz of silver and am hoping to add at least another plan to add another 9 oz at least this increasing my silver holding by 4x for the end of the year isn't a bad goal for me.

If anyone has any other coins I should check out or add to my collection let me know. I think Australia has one with a bird I've seen and liked as well, but that could be for the following year!


The Australian bird one is the kookaburra series. They are awesome. One of my favs. Cool you like our stuff, it's super easy now that you can pay with steem!

Yeah I thought that's what it was. I remember because of the kookaburra sits in an old gum tree song, but was doubting myself. Thanks for the confirmation!

Oooh, very cool you are getting more into stackin. I really enjoy the steem one from last year and I have to admit those succubus' are pretty amazing, not sure which I like better.

I like Steem one better ONLY because come on it's Steem and it was designed by @bearone.

Im going to have to break out my silver. I been trying to stack for a year now or so.

#steemsilvergold is a pretty awesome silver community here on Steemit. If you didn't know about them already you should definitely check them out.

There are lots of cool coins from around the world. If you are interested in the Australian coins, check out their Koala series as well.

I think I've seen a few people posts these and you are right. From what I remember very cool series as well.

Your coin is on its way! Check your steemitchat for tracking. Thanks again. And nice stacking plans!

Great goals i cant wait for the 2018 steem coins! :)

Grab 2 eagles, or just a plain bullion piece that you can play with.

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