It came like a storm

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Everything was fine, everyone were happy only thing we heard was speculation about the war which we doubted. Everyday seemed like a holiday, every Friday the whole community celebrates, party, eat and drink.
No one saw it coming, no one saw the chaos coming, I and my friend Emeka were just 15 involved in something grown men wouldn’t want to experience.
Our country was so rich with natural resources, there was happiness, wealth, jobs, food, good education and anything good you could ever think of. I can’t believe we lost everything, all the natural resources have been taken away from us, sometimes I wish it was just a Dream.
I ask myself everytime I’m alone in the dark corner why we weren’t prepared for this war?
Why couldn’t we defeat them with tears rolling down my cheeks.
The war came like a storm upon us on a Friday while we were partying, busy enjoying the things we own, we tried to fight but it seemed like we were just too weak or unprepared I should say, the storm drove every property we had, every happiness, Wealth and riches we ever had. How could this happen? I can’t believe we lost everything. Emeka my friend used to tell me how he was scared that strange things could happen, I can’t believe Emeka was right. I told Emeka we have to fight back to get back our home, we have to go prepared and we have to take them unawares. In life we should always be prepared for stormy days as they could sweep off everything we worked hard to build. Being prepared with a mapped out plan will bring solutions to difficult times just like a company being prepared for future damages of its product will keep progressing.

moral of the story, we should always stay prepared with a back up plan so we are not taken unawares and lose everything we work hard to get.


This story is very touching. The truth is that we don't know what tomorrow will be so we need to be alert and ready to face the unseen.

Awww, wars are better off in stories, Our grandparents would sit us down under the moonlight and tell tales. My heart goes out to everyone out there who has experienced something of this nature, or has been indirectly affected, maybe by a loss of a loved one or growing up without parents who were casualties of war. This story brings tears to my eyes and also awakens my soul to the realization that anything could happen anytime.

This is touching and no one can tell what will happen tomorrow, in fact, in a minute ahead. One just need to prepare for tomorrow. I pray this country is going to be great and better for everyone.

War is a terrible thing.. You are right anyways, there is need for a plan B in everything we do

This story is full of lesson, we should not have all our eggs in one basket we should always have a plan b

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