Gratitude goes a long way

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There was this certain guy named Emeka. He had a lot of money and wealth but was a very humble guy. He was down to earth and chose not to flaunt his wealth. So on a certain day, he met a girl called chinwe at the supermarket where he went to get some groceries.
On that day, he wasn't dressed too nice and he didn’t drive any of his luxurious cars. He decided to approach the lady because she was pretty.
He spoke to the pretty lady and tried asking her out for lunch somewhere. The girl’s attitude towards Emeka wasn’t really pleasant as it showed that she was someone who was interested in the materialistic things a man can offer her. Not minding this attitude, Emeka persisted and chinwe finally accepted the lunch date.
On the day of the lunch date, He wore a short,a T-shirt and a palm slippers still not flaunting his wealth. Chinwe had some issues at school so Emeka helped settle that issue, So she decided to give him a listening ear, he asked her out and she accepted him with the mindset of not falling in love with him.
Emeka was still very persistent as he showered her love and care and also helped her whenever problems came up. Upon all the things emeka did for chinwe, she didn’t always show gratitude. Emeka got really worried because it was really bad and he really needed a woman with much gratitude towards things no matter how little it was, not only to him but to other people as He believed gratitude and appreciated can really go a long way to encourage people and send positive feedback to them concerning the good things people do. but because of the love he had for her, he decided to try and change her but all to no avail.
One day, Emeka was at the gym, while working out, he met a lady who was frustrated. He decided to help her out with the problem she was having and she was so grateful and showed so much gratitude. He was so shocked because no woman has really shown this much gratitude to him.
So he decided to follow her up. They became friends and they got really close. The little things he did for her, she appreciated it and even used to get him gifts when she has some money. Little did she know that emeka was a rich guy though. Emeka fell in love with her and his love for chinwe started fading. He finally told gladys how he felt and funny enough she felt the same way for him with all the simplicity Emeka showcased, they got married and she later realized how wealthy Emeka is.
Moral of the story is, Showing Gratitude and being grateful to the little things being offered to you could really go a long way, showing gratitude could be a stepping stone for something great coming your way. No matter how small


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Is not until we big that we can appreciate. Like I you to talk, it's only grateful heart that can appreciate little thing. The second lady has heart of appreciation while chinwe didn't. Not everybody have mind to appreciate. Thanks for this bro. Have great weekend

I say this to people all the time. If you aren't grateful fot what you have or what has been done for you, you won't move forward.

He that is grateful in what is least eill be grateful in much

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