This thing sucks about being a man

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A sex worker from Sydney revels unusual behavior of certain Men

As a man from childhood it is being taught that men don’t cry. People expect a male to be emotionally and physically strong no matter what situation it is, all society know is that MEN DON’T CRY. Also there is a hypocrisy and belief that a man always wants sex and want to drive a woman just to bed. And this is what sucks about being man.

But the reality is that men are also equally emotional and sensitive. they also face the same sadness, happiness , anger and excitement but nobody is present to here it. When family doesn't support the man emotionally and takes him as granted for working and earning continuously no matter what he turns towards prostitute/sex worker for satisfaction and happiness.

Lana Jade is a premium sex worker from Sydney who charges about 5000 Australian Dollar for one night which is about 2,50,000 INR.
I'm age

Lana Jade

She shares with a magazine that every man who shows up as her customer is not there for sex. But some men pay that money just to spend some time with her. Only thing they want is to get heard. They are so much emotionally frustrated by family and society that only thing they want is she listens to them. They tell their problems, experiences, what they did today and how was their day. They want to just sleep in someone’s arm with love and affection. People spend such a hefty amount to a prostitute just to get loved. Just because society has taken them to be strong and emotionless for granted.

Also this is a answer to those who say that prostitute will never be treated with respect and will not have any friends and no one will hangout with her.

To Conclude only thing men want is that society should accept them as human with emotions instead of emotionless robots. And this is what sucks about being man.


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