Elizabeth Mueller: Targeted Activist

in spy •  last year

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Mueller.

I led one of the largest groups in the USA to Stop TPP. My group worked with a coalition and #WeStoppedTPP in the USA (for now, although 11 other countries are trying to pass #CPTPP.)

I was targeted for my political work--most likely by government-funded, criminal, private sec companies.

It is time for activists, whistleblowers, journalists and everyday innocent people to fight back--demand Congress have a public inquiry and pass a USA #AntiSpyBill.


Here is my story:

*There is some profanity in this video...please don't watch, if that offends you.

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if you haven't looked at Civil yet, there might be something there for you, too - a great new blockchain-based project serving the journalism space... ;-)


Thanks very much for this link @rok-sivante, this looks very interesting! In this day and age we certainly need projects like this going forward.


yeah, this is definitely one of the most promising projects / applications of blockchain I've come across - very strong team and partners. shall be interesting to see how things unfold with/through it...


Absolutely, it looks very promising. I've just had a cursory view but I like what i see.
This is a great USE CASE for blockchains and one of my primary interests with blockchain tech since i discovered Steem. It has the potential to create a more robust independent press not beholden to corporate advertising or the political leanings of editors of traditional publishing institutions.

Thanks again for this heads-up!


Kind of like a blockchain Wikileaks.


there'll be (an unlimited) number of newsrooms focused on different subjects - not much stopping anyone from starting one up with such a focus/intention...


I had a look at Civil, and I agree it's interesting, but I think it's fallen into a trap regarding how membership is handled.

Basically, whoever has the most tokens to vote with controls who can join.

I'm not a mathematician, so perhaps my understanding isn't adequate to make that assessment. The idea seems simple enough however, and unless I'm missing something very basic, that's how their membership acceptance process seems to work.


This is a very powerful testimony from someone who clearly has experienced some of the harsher discouragement intended to preclude opposition to extremely profitable policies.

Sadly, it can get worse. It is good that you aren't of less robust moral fiber, as folks that have various vices are vulnerable to being setup through those vices. It's easy to set someone up who drinks, or does drugs, or etc.

I am impressed you intend to carry on, and I hope you remain safe while you do.

As a result of the opposition to my own activism, I have distanced myself from everyone I care about, eschewed property of value, and haven't been willing to use a bank for most of a decade now. People can't be used against me if I break contact with them. My property was fraudulently taken, so I am now no longer vulnerable to such fraud.

I'm a much smaller target now than when I was raising a family.

Something you should keep in mind is that courts and cops are corrupt. Many of the stalking groups contain off-duty cops, and their afflictions are covered for through their connections to prosecutors, judges, and lawyers. One of the most alarming things I discovered is that lawyers seek to represent you--so they can sabotage you.

Only folks you trust can get close enough to stab you in the back. Do not trust lawyers, cops, or the courts. Corrupt connections to moneyed interests has deeply infiltrated especially the family courts. If you have dependents, or vulnerable people you care about a lot, they can be used against you.

I found it best to sever ties, rather than subject my loved ones to being used to harm me. The price is isolation. I no longer post under my real name. All accounts I use are pseudonymous. This doesn't protect me from state actors, or those intimately connected to them, but the cheap suits aren't intimately connected on the daily, and I'm low profile enough to not be worth going after hard. I've never had thousands of folks follow me. Hundreds is far less motivation to prompt expensive harrassment.

You can't be paranoid enough, as I'm sure you either have, or are realizing. Medical information is at risk. I have been made aware that my enemies have access to my medical records. Consider not only how that can be used against you, but how unscrupulous doctors can alter them to mess with you, say by erasing allergy information, or prescribing things that trigger health issue causing reactions.

Every social aspect of your life can be targeted to cause you harm by folks with the right connections and adequate motivation. Harden your edges, where harrassment can impact you, or change strategies. Don't let yourself become a victim.



Its an incredible machine that we are up against, the masses are so unaware, if there is a weakness, its that they can't target everyone all the time.

In China they say, "kill the chicken to scare the monkey".

This is a very effective method of silencing anyone that steps out of line.

Also, the traditional methods of going after family members and other support mechanisms are often exploited.

Thanks for sharing your story. It amazing what governments and corporations will do to suppress the truth.

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Your enemies don't share your sense of humour, it only infuriates them even more.

Gang stalking is an old strategy, it can happen to anyone, often times the targets are not aware of what is happening.

It often breaks most people psychologically, emotionally, socially and financially.

Keep making videos, and documenting everything.

This is a better platform than either Facebook or Twitter. It might not have as many users, its still early days.

For now, its seems most people here are civil, and respectful, for how long this continues is anyone's guess.

Stay strong, and healthy. If your situation continues to get worse it might be worth considering making a fresh start, perhaps in a different country.

I saw the writing on the wall that the US was becoming a debt slave country, and opted out, as much as possible years ago.

Thank you for sharing this

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I know from firsthand experience that Elizabeth Mueller has outlined a highly precise account of what it is like to be targeted by the Five Eyes' updated COINTELPRO 2.0, which is executed and concealed with the help of contractors/ operatives, whose illegal operations the Five Eyes can disavow in cases of Operational Security breaches. This is part of a secret war being carried out against whistleblowers, activists, journalists and other targets, through the penetration of our intelligence/ law enforcement infrastructure by transnational corporations. In the same way the CIA hires protestors to help overthrow governments, COINTELPRO 2.0 directs campaigns of sabotage through teams of operatives, in concert with recruiting one's contacts to conspire in their subversion. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald unwittingly published an article about COINTELPRO 2.0 (https://theintercept.com/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/), but he believed its operations only occurred online. If you examine those classified documents they show the integration of Signals and Human Intelligence operatives to carry out 7 types of operations (False Flag, False Rescue, Disruption, Sting, etc.). These are what Mueller describes in her video. To avoid detection, the Five Eyes remotely direct the sabotage operations, typically through encrypted messages to the smartphones of their operatives. A Five Eyes slide called 'Gambits for Deception' explains some of the strategies that were employed against Mueller, myself and many others, like the intentional induction of 'physiological stress' or 'swapping the real for the false and vice versa'. Mueller is being targeted for her work helping to stop the passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, SOPA and PIPA. What they have done to you is horrible. Thank you Elizabeth for coming forward to share your story. It has incredibly helpful.