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RE: Race to the FINISH!!! Can we do it???

in #spunkeemonkee3 years ago

yikes.... missed the show
Will listen to the recording...

Yes, he has a breakout after a long school break going into the first week of school
This started around 3 years ago..
I have already gently quizzed him many times to find out why... but so far haven't been able to identify the reason
For it is not like he doesn't like school .... anyways he is better now

Yes, I am so excited about this project too
I have been sharing this with whom ever I think might want to get on board...:D


Awesome!!! It's ok if you missed the show! You already knew what it was all about hehehe

I hope you find the cause!!! 😪

That doesn't sound pleasant at all for him!!!

I need to ask you something!!! But in DM 🙂

Of course anytime 😊

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