T Minus 5 days till #spud4steem

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We are only a handful of days away from the next #spud4steem which will happen on September 1st 2020, With 10,000SP avaiable via delegations the prize list is another impressive list

This post will show you the guidelines for entry




These kind sponsors are providing these great delegations as prizes


Plus wait there is more



Will you join us on September 1st 2020 for a chance to win some cool prizes?

I am @kiwiscanfly


Proud to be a sponsor of #spud4steem

I can support 5000sp for 3 weeks for this project.
Let me know if you need

Oh sweet that would be great - shall we start next month?

Thats really nice of you :)

okay Please add me next time

Sweet will do a post about it shortly :)

Great initiative.

Thanks man :) - good to see you playing #thediarygame and getting involved around here!

Hope all is good with you

Congratulations on getting the 2020 follower in 2020

Great brother, thank you for organizing once again. Will definitely do take part 😁👌

Interesting opportunity to acquire more steem power thanks for such initiative 👏

It is indeed, i just checked out your profile and see you have joined recently - welcome

You should play #thediarygame which will help you get involved further and help increase your Steem power.

Anyway keep active and i will see you around


muahaha, I managed to upvote this before you could @kiwiscanfly

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very interesting opportunity.

Terimakasih sponsor terus buat steem berkembang

Great initiative & really good opportunity for us. I want to participate.

there is no chance in hell that i ll leave the event.

So i don't qualify 😑 @kiwiscanfly check out my introduction post, you were mentioned




吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


Good, nice, sabrosooo🤣

How do i join

yea very proud to this

How can I join on the contest..
And what is the role?

Hi this competition has just finished for September - we will run another one on October 1st

Ok thanks... For your reply...

Honestly, your posts are small but very effective.thanks brother...

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