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This post outlines the Criteria users must follow to be eligble for prizes in #spud4steem, yesterdays post showed the prizes as well as welcoming our new sponsors :)

We have an impressive list of prizes which is growing every month


6 Guidelines to Win Prizes for SPUD

1, To be eligible for Prizes Steemit users MUST NOT BE POWERING DOWN either before or after July 1st, Remember this competition is about Power up not Powering Down, any prize winner found to be powering down while in possession of a delegated prize will have delegation removed - checks will be done :)

2, Steemit users must have a reputation score under 70 and more than 30 STEEM POWER (prior to SPUD) and no more than 15,000 Steem Power.

3, Steemit user has to have a reputation of above 30

4, Participants have to have at least 1 post prior to 1 July which talks about this competition, using this tag #spud4steem

5, Power Up must be done on 1 July 2020

6, Your post on 1 July can just be screenshots of your account before and after your power up, this post is up to you
use the tag #spud4steem

If you meet the 6 above criteria you can consider your self entered, How we will work out prize winners will be based on the % increase of your Steem power, not how much you powered up


User 1 has 100 Steem already powered up, they follow the 5 guidelines and power up 15 more Steem power which would be a 15% increase

User 2 has 200 Steem and powers up 15 more steen power which equates to a 7.5% increase, so in this scenario user 1 has a higher % and is more likely to win a prize when compared to user 2

These prizes and gifts are designed to promote powering up on the Steem Blockchain to give a better understanding of how Steem power backs the Steem Ecosystem.



Winners will be announced 2 days after the power up day finishes, this post will give people an opportunity to advise me if any calculations are incorrect or if i have missed anyone :)

Once another day has passed, prizes will be distributed to the winning accounts


Fine Print

Due to the International date line this will start @ 12.00am 1 July 2020 New Zealand time and finish 36 hours later when America Samoa hits 11.59PM on 1 July 2020

Here are our fantastic sponsors

All graphics are mine

Have a great Steemit day everyone :)

I am @kiwiscanfly



Thank you for this update and congratulations on the sponsors you have accomplished.
I wanted to ask, are you going to Discord? I leave you a message on steem greet.

Yes i am on discord, when i get home from work i will reply :)

How long will it last according to the UTC time? On 1st July the spud

From the time is starts in NZ it pretty much lasts the next 46 odd hours due to the Int timeline

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join the World of Xpilar Curation Trail, info can be found here

Do you have any publication on how to do a SPUD step by step?

Not at the moment - i will do something up to show users how to do it

Ok, I'll be waiting to explain to the friends of the Spanish community. Thank you.

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