New Sponsors add to #SPUD4STEEM Prizes

in #spud4steem10 months ago

In the last twenty-four hours two new sponsors have jumped on board the #spud4steem juggernaut, please welcome

Untitled 3.jpg
Both of these Steemians only have the best interests of Steemit and i thank them for joining in :)

Having a couple a new sponsors means the Prize pool expands from 1st right down to 5th place, let's look at the prizes on offer for the July edition of #spud4steem which now has over 10,000SP on offer!

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


4th Prize & 5th Prize


But wait there's more......

spud july prize.jpg

Here are our fantastic sponsors

And me!

Well if that prize list does not get you excited then i dont know what will :)

i am @kiwiscanfly



Impressive prize and sponsor list.

We are happy to continue supporting #SPUD4STEEM.

The Steemit Team

excellent, thank you so much :)

Wow!, that's awesome sponsors from these Steem funs. This July Spud4Steem will be very interesting, and right away I have to prepare for it. Thanks very much for the great heart you have for Steem

yeah man what a great list of prizes for July :)

This is so intresting this time. It already got me excited haha.

i am excited as well, hope you will join us for #spud4steem July

This is a very exciting lot of very good things. I am jumping in the boat. Let me also get prepared for that great fun moment.

good man yeah lots of great prizes to be won!

I want to participate again..!
I am ready..!

sweet sounds good - do it :)

did you mistype or the delegation is for different users , because I was giving for 6 months :P

just messaged you on discord

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Wow, this is awesome! The prize getting interesting. Lets power up our steem on the next #SPUD ! 😃 Thank you for all the sponsors! You all sponsors are awesome!

Hello, I would like to participate in the delegations, where I can find the instructions to apply for these awards. I'm interested. Thank you from Venezuela

WOW! WOW! WOW! 🤐 I have no words!

((That statement will soon be proven to be abso-frikkin-lutely untrue!!!))

There's been an awful lot of rhetoric to suggest the community was in the final stages of it's death throes... It would appear after even the most cursory glance here, that is absolutely not the case!

To be frank, it is a more than a little exciting!

There is obviously still a hardcore of good people here who want to see things progress in the way they were supposed to. The sheer magnitude of that prize-pool is staggering...

BTW I keep meaning to ask... Kiwi's can fly... Does this statement have it's basis in scientific empirical data??? 😁

Just wanted to take a moment to say kudos to you on your magnificent efforts. Take great care, have an awesome Monday and an even better week to follow 😎

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