BREAKING NEWS Prize Pool over 31K

in #spud4steem2 years ago (edited)

I am pleased to announce 3 x new sponsors who have kindly offered to help sponsor #SPUD4STEEM, we have lost a sponsor as well .



This means our Prize pool is now a whopping 31,500SP by way of 21 day SP delegations.

Plus we have some early Xmas presents to share around🎁🎁🎁


New Sponsors & Sponsor leaving us

Two of our new sponsors have participated in #SPUD4STEEM and have been past winners.

@ngoenyi has kindly sponsoring 2000SP which we have used to make 2nd place an impressive 9000sp

@jesusbar23 is sponsoring 1000SP which we have used to make 1st place a mouth watering 12,000SP

@voidsoul is keen to be a sponsor as well and has offered a 500SP which is timely as this month (November ) is the last one that @boss75 will be sponsoring - Thank you to @boss75 for your sponsorship.

Please join me in congratulating our new sponsors while thanking @boss75


Lets check out the new Prize pool


1st place is now an impressive 12,000SP

2nd place has been increased to 9000SP

But wait there is more...

Early Christmas presents 🎁🎁🎁

For the December 1st #SPUD4STEEM the very generous @xpilar team is providing 3 x extra delegations like they did last December!

These awesome #SPUD4STEEM Sponsors know the importance of Powering up Steem - be like them


Will you be a December #SPUD4STEEM winner??


Have a great Steemit day everyone

I am @kiwiscanfly



31K nice

December should be hotly contested!

You should add to your sponsorship as you have 32K now - remember??

Que maravillosas noticias, pero de ante manos te quiero agradecer por dejarme patrocinar esta gran competencia, esperamos que muchos más se una.

Por cierto los regalos de navidad está muy buenos ahora habrán mas ganadores.

Saludos Cordiales

Soy @jesusbar23 Administrador De La Comunidad Cryptokids

#affable #venezuela

Thank YOU for doing this

also its great to see your account growing

Gracias ya hice mi presentación en mi comunidad trataré de convencer a muchos niños que participen.

| El #spud4steem tiene nuevos patrocinadores y mucho más. | #club5050 |

Eyyy felicitaciones amigo,por que ya ha aumentado la piscina de premios,muy tentadora luce.Bienvenidos los nuevos patrocinadores @jesusbar23 @ngoenyi @voidsoul gracias @boss75 te extrañaremos; y wow super gracias a@xpilar por esas 3 delegaciones para el #spud4steem Diciembre.Estamos de fiesta,Navidad ,Navidad, felices navidades!! Un abrazo para todos,nos vemos en el camino .
#onepercent #venezuela #affable #club5050

To have power in anyone's account feels so good and strong also on steemit.

This is a nice post

that is so big i think and impressive too.

Hi, this looks amazing, im fairly new to steemit and im trying to find my way. Please can you tell me more about #spud4steem and this is unrelated but im also curious about #club5050, is it a community?

Felicitaciones a los nuevos patrocinantes por apoyar el proyecto...

Steemit es una gran familia y proyectos como este fortalecen la plataforma...

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