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Spud Sprouts

After a Spud sprouts it can still be safe to eat, but just don't eat these SPUD Sprouts because they are our fellow Steemians, and we need them to further sprout more spuds.

Here is what I have so far for those that have powered up and qualify for the SPUD contest. Please let me know if I have missed you, my math is incorrect or there is an issue that I am not aware of. There is still about half a day left for SPUD2 in some parts of the World, so this contest is still not over until then.

Spud SproutPowered upStarting Steem Power% Increase

Now there are many others who have Powered Up today but are not on the list. This list is only of those that qualify for the 3 prizes for this SPUD2 contest.

Thank you to all who have supported SPUD as well as participated in making this SPUD2 a great event.

+++ @streetstyle

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Well done everybody

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I’ve also powered up early this morning.


Wow wow wOw !! Amazing support for #spud Thank you @roger5120
full steem ahead!!


You’re most welcome @streetstyle. Always looking to grow and invest. 👍♨️🙌💪🎶😎🌙💜🥔

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Awesome idea and event! I did power up but only increased my SP by about 1.5%!

Is this an annual event or monthly?

I look forward to the next one! I am almost at my 350SP target but really want to be at 500 by October 😀


Hello @sunsethunter and thank you for supporting #spud As for the event itself, initially I thought about it as a one time event that many took a liking to and quickly asked for a second one. May 1 was the first #spud ever, and June 1 came naturally by popular demand. I think it was also a show of solidarity by many Steemians, especially since Steem co-founder Dan was going to release the new "steemit" killer on June 1 which in my opinion turned out to be more of a mouse while Steem roared with #SPUD2 support!!


Ah nice! That’s awesome, I’ve been it everywhere! Well... maybe august 1st will be an even bigger one 😜

I’m sure what the steemit killer was Dan wanted to release? Either way it’s amazing to see this community coming together and working towards driving this platform up and up!:)

Yay! Excellent result so far! And thanks for inadvertently correcting my math - I'm going to update my post with the 51% shortly... LOL!

I'm not in the contest, but I powered up 33 Steem today.


Thank you for supporting and participating in making this #spud a great success!!

Yay. I did it and it feels so good.
Thank you @streetstyle again for creating this awesome initiative to help our community.


Thank you for supporting and believing in Steem and #spud and now #spud2 .

Goodmorning from my sproutside off the community.
We lack a sprout discord and i wonder do we have a steem sprout relationship in the steemisfere already?
Thanks for including me.

Can i please make a suggestion on forehand. If i by the sproutgods chance , win something or there is a possibility that someyhing comes my way .....

Can i give it to #steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet ?
This WONDERFUL initiative is on the steemisfere for 6 months now, and they could use it, planning Some celebration contests this month and helping new accounts on their way and help them stay here,

So can i please?

Ok off to wash my sprouts !


first place does get 100 Steem to do as they please... so on that one yeah, not sure on the others since it is delegated steem power from other sponsoring Steemians.


I will ask them to delegate the prize to this cause when the time is there,
Have a great Sunday

We believe that many steemians take a part in SPUD.
This program is Great. It is show that a lot of us concern to the Steem and Steemit. And you have big role to initiate #spud and #spud2
Warm regard from Indonesia

A good result for a beginner
thank you

Thanks @streetstyle for conducting this for the second time will love to see it every month once.

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Not sure if it counts, but I traded 30 SBD for SP on blocktrades today, so my SP did go up by 75.


It counts of course @kunschj Thanks for supporting #spud and showing Steem love to other Steemians.....

Glad to be apart of the Day. Thanks for the Special Day.
Together we are

Powering Up Steem


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Yes @earnlogy together we are making Steem a big and better place, and therefore the World a better place.

Great contest @streetstyle, thanks everyone for supporting Steem. 👍☺💪

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@streetstyle thanks for encouraging ! :) 💙 ♩♬

@bluengel is On Going ! :)

Congrats Day ! 💙

Thanks God It's SPUD2 D-Day
Let's Together Participate Steem Power Up Day season 2
#steem ♨ On !

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Congratulations all...

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thanks ! :) @wendyth16 💙 ♩♬

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