SPUD-NIK2 was a Launched Success - No Turning Back Now! & Prize winners Confirmed -[steem power] [community]

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A New Steem Era

Just like the original Sputnik successfully launched a new era in Space Technology forever, so too has STEEM'S SPUD-NIK entered a new era on this blockchain. It seems that while naysayers were doubting Steem and some still are, STEEM POWER UP DAY has reinvigorated many Steemians into supporting this amazing blockchain. Many Steemians have blogged about SPUD, while others have up voted, commented and re-steemed many of the SPUD posts. Other Steemians actually Powered Up what Steem they could while some bought Steem and Powered that up. There were also Steemians who stopped their power down for the Day, which is also highly commendable, especially for those who use STEEM for daily living necessities.

And speaking of Daily Necessities, that is probably one of the greatest things that I love about STEEM and the Steem Blockchain; the fact the I can help empower others around the World to empower themselves to use Steem to make a better life. I once thought it was going to be Bitcoin, but now realize Bitcoin got swiped from the World, but Steem came instead to replace it for the people of the World.



I know some who use it for actual food and other sustenance, while there are others who have used STEEM for medical needs and yet others have actually paid for their schooling or the schooling of others using STEEM (You and I know who you are) while some have built homes using Steem and many other daily living uses.

Again, How freaking Amazing is That?

There is no turning back now, as SPUTNIK was the first of many many future satellites to come, so too shall SPUD1 and now SPUD2 be one of many many more SPUDs in the future.


-1ST PLACE - @grintsch WINS -100 Steem to do as they choose Plus

-2ND PLACE - @nationall - 500 Steem Power Delegation for 4 weeks from @xpilar

-3RD PLACE - @sustainablelivin - 250 Steem Power Delegation for 4 weeks from @flipstar

Honorable Mentions for Amout of Steem Powered Up

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 12.09.12 PM.png

@traciyork Doing Her Part! As well as @joalvarez and @grintsch with @roger5120 Topping the list

I again thank all who supported and participated in making #spud2 a great event, and I again want to especially want to thank our prize sponsors mentioned above, you truly represent the ideology of STEEM For the People!!

SPUD3 WILL NEXT LAUNCH.........???????

+++ @streetstyle

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@taliakerch @sultan-aceh @xpilar and @flipstar The winners are now officially confirmed, please send or release your STEEM prize to the appropriate winner. Please see above post if any questions. Please let me know if any other concerns. Again, thank you for being GREAT STEEMIANS!!

Thank you!!
I've made everything according to @xpilar instructions.
is it ok now? have I transferred SP right? Hope, yes:)


@taliakerch Everything looks great. Thank you so much for supporting the #spud initiative. Steemians like you help make the Steem Blockchain community the best one in the crypto world.

my contribution is very small, but still I am happy to be a part of this project!

Actually, when yo compare it to what the Whales have and actually do to support the smaller accounts, your efforts are HUGE, and Steem and SPUD could use more Steemians like yourself. Again, thanks for supporting and more importantly, believing!!

You are right...;)
Thanks again for the possibility to be useful for the community!
I am happy to notice you somewhere in comments;)

Hi @streetstyle

I am happy for the winners and everyone who has been involved in SPUD2

Special thanks to you @streetstyle who has started the SPUD,
congratulations, you have done a great job

I will send my delegation to @nationall at 500 STEEM - 4 weeks
As soon as Steemworld.org is up and running again

Thank you @xpilar for helping and supporting STEEM and SPUD. You helped make it a great event. Thank you on behalf of the Steem Community.

Hi @streetstyle

When you start up SPUD3 let me know

I will also support SPUD3 with a premiu
how big the prize can be I must answer later

Wow, Amazing!! Thanks and I will keep this in mind @xpilar

My pleasure @streetstyle 👍

Nice to hear, thank you @streetstyle

Congratulations SPUD2 -2ND PLACE - @nationall - 500 Steem Power Delegation for 4 weeks from @xpilar has been transferred

Congratulations to the winners, make sure to power up the prices as well...

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Great work bro.
You are one of the best guys on Steem, I tell you that.
I can see how much you love this place from miles away.

Hey @steemitboard why don't you create a SPUD badge? Wouldn't that be awesome @streetstyle?
"Congratulations.You received your SPUD 2 badge." WOW

Thanks @knowhow92 And yeah, a SPUD badge would be way cool @steemitboard

Feel free to contact @arcange on steem.chat or on Discord if you want to setup a badge for SPUD.

Thanks so much for the shout out, @streetstyle and congrats to all the winners! While I won't be able to power up like this next month (my bank account won't let me...LOL), I still plan to participate in the next #SPUD. Thanks to you for initiating this, and to everyone making it a success!

#Steem to the moon!


@traciyork Your efforts were massive and greatly appreciated. No matter what it is that you do to support STEEM and/or SPUD, it will always be appreciated. And your efforts today count from now until... hmmm well forever, as long as this blockchain exists. Again, thank you and take care.

Congratulations to the winners.
Even though I think we are all winners since we all contribute to this amazing community, so thank you again @streetstyle for creating this awesome initiative.

Amigo aqui mi visita,deseandole mucho exito en todo lo que emprenda,saludos y muchas muchas gracias por todo lo que hace por mi,se lo agradezco infinitamente,saludos.

That’s some quality Steem and Steem Delegation. Congratulations to all participants for supporting Steem

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Congratulations to the winners
Good luck to all
thank you

Congrats to you @nationall and thanks for supporting and believing in #spud and hope to see you for #spud3

Wonderful performance! Amazing contributions by very ordinary Steemians with vision!

Hey, do you have discord, mail or something to talk about something more fluidly? :)


Let's build our new MIR out here. :)

hehehe... I agree we are going to outerspace with this....

as for discord, you can find me as krytp0 klown.... I will be stepping out for fooding and then work but I can reply later when I get a chance after work most likely or maybe sooner since I still have a few hours left before work.

Awesome, I'm currently in the exam, so hear from ya later :)

Congrats to the winners :)

Whenever Spud 3 is I will be there ;)

Thanks @tattoodjay Glad to know we can count on you!!

Buenas noches amigo @streetstyle deseo que se encuentre bien al igual que su familia amigo y que hayan tenido un lindo día. Lo felicito por el éxito amigo y así ayudar a personas que usan está plataforma con la esperanza de mejorar la calidad de vida, yo vivo en Venezuela y estamos viviendo desde hace años una grave crisis, y esta plataforma me a ayudado a complementar para comprar comida para mi familia ya que aquí es muy costosa la comida. Que tenga una feliz noche amigo.

Buen dia amigo @edgargonzalez Le podria pedir un favor? Le pido si podria apoyar a la cuenta de Steem usuario de @petrarodriguez Me encantaria much poder superar su cuenta mas arriba, con su ayuda seria un paso mas a esa meta. Gracias.

O, y tambien me gustaria regalar una cuenta de usuario para Steemit... si conoce a alguien a quien le sirba... solo ocupo el nombre que le gustaria pero mande me el nombre por la cartera de steemit con # en frente del nombre... asi queda secreto el nombre. Yo me encargo de hacerlo y respondo con la llave.

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Congrats to the winner

Congrats to the winners :)
great work

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