I Hope That I Didn't Miss This SPUD?

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It happened again... I almost missed the #SPUD9... Maybe, I am... Will see if my name doesn't appear on the list of participants... Just to document it... Now it's still 31.12. and 13:45, so, this is a post PRIOR to the SPUD. :)

This is my 3rd SPUD in a row and I'm feeling like a part of the awesome SPUD community... Actually, I've got that feeling yesterday when 2 people were asking ME directly in Discord channel about the SPUD and details how to participate and where to find more information. I felt like a SPUD Ambassador :)


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Just a short introduction to SPUD... What does it mean at all? #SPUD is shortened for Steem Power Up Day. It's an event when Stemians powerup their liquid STEEM! It is organized by an awesome guy called @streetstyle and it is held every 1st day in a month.

There are some nice prizes for participants, and they are every round better and better.. You can check details for the SPUD9 at https://steemit.com/spud/@streetstyle/spud-9-new-decade-new-heights-january-1st-2020-steem-blockchain-community


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Thanks much for your help as it will be my first time to join in #SPUD9 😉👍 happy new year! 🎉🎊🎇🎆

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I finally made it, thanks to you! You have reminded me about it!

Hsppy SPUD and Happy New year!

Hello @ph1102 and thank you for the mention I truly appreciate it and for the #spud support, that is awesome too. And since #spud9 like other all others travels across the globe, it actually last about 48hrs, so like in New Zealand it is already Jan 1 2020 but not in Hawaii USA.

I think it is fair to say that if you would want to do your Steem Powering up now, post about it and fall within the SPUD rules, then you would surely be included even if technically in your locale it isn't the 1st but it is elsewhere in the world.

Anyhow, thank you, amazing that people are asking about SPUD in discord... I would never have believed it.... Happy New Year 2020!!

Actually, this was my #SPUD post BEFORE the official one with powering up... The real one comes in 24 hours... :) As I 'm not expecting to win, it's doesn't matter if qualifies or not... lol.. It's important to spread the word!

Thanks for organizing this and for engagement with participants! It means a lot for them!

Happy New Year 2020!

It will be again next month... no worries!

I'm glad at least you're still going with it. I still power up, but I do whenever I feel there are a few (dozen) liquid STEEM that are unused.

Happy New Year Zoltan! :)

I have made some goals for this year regarding SteemPower, but I will count the power up from tomorrow... just to reach the goal officially... So, yes... I'm cheating myself :) lol

Wish you the best in the New one, Adrian!

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