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RE: SPUD -NIK 1, SUCCESS - MAY 1, 2019 - A WORLDWIDE EVENT [steempower] [steem]

in #spud2 years ago

Just did my #spud! And since this community and #seven77 are both pushing for @steem, I powered up 77! The rest and what comes in the next several days will go to buying #SBI for @freewritehouse during our fundraiser! Steem on!


Awesome moves @improv Thanks for the belief and support! This has truly turned out well with so many Steemians backing this initiative, it is inspiring. Your part in this movement helped propel it further than I ever expected. Big big Thank you for that!! Full Steem Ahead!


Are you on Discord?

Hey @improv I am not always on it... but you can find me as Krypt0 klown

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