What's Cooking? Steem Power Up Day!

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Likely to have bugger all effect on the price of STEEM but an initiative all of us can get involved in!

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Credit to the #spud man, @streetstyle for this initiative :D

In April, an average of 106,304 STEEM was powered up every day with the average number of accounts powering up each day being 832.

The largest power up day was the 5th April with 301,184 STEEM transferred to vesting, and on the 17th April, 1100 unique accounts powered up some STEEM.

Can we beat those numbers today? I will update the post in about 13 hours when the day is over according to SteemSQL.

My effort is a little token as I will probably need to power down a little in a month or so to eat and other quite important things like that.

... And I immediately received a nice message from Smartsteem - powering up is obviously a smart thing to do!

I read a post and the comments attached this morning by @slobberchops titled How to become a Dolphin WITHOUT buying any STEEM? in which he delivers a pretty blunt message with regards to reaching 5000 SP these days via author rewards alone.

if you’re expecting DolphinHood to come by NOT investing. Maybe it’s not what you want to hear but it is fact.

You will never become a Dolphin unless you open your pockets and invest.

Whilst I wouldn't say it's impossible to attain Dolphin status, starting today with 0 investment, it is certainly much harder than in the past.

Some clues in VESTS

Of the top 100 author rewards for a single piece of content sorted by vesting payout, 98 of these came in July 2016. After that, it seemed to quickly become tougher to collect those VESTS.

On average, 8.5x harder now than in July 2016? But it's been like this for a while, and so there are likely other factors.

More accounts? Well not really, at least comparing the previous couple of months to the summer of 2017 - 10/20% less active accounts each day.


About 8 months ago, it was estimated that around 35% of all votes made were purchased from bid-bots and other similar services.

So that probably hasn't helped organic growth too much as there are not as many larger accounts curating any more, and those that are usually have some 'free SP'.

Using @ocdb (guaranteeing a small profit on the send) and getting involved in an application (@oracle-d, @utopian-io) are the best bets for faster growth, they are not for everyone though.

Finding friends and forming a circle-jerk helps! I have no criteria to state what is a 'fair' circle jerk, but most people are in some kind of community/circle, regularly issuing votes to the same 10/50/280 people.

The fastest way to build is to buy, if you can.

Anyway, today is the day to power up a little STEEM, however you acquired it :)



EDIT: #spud day results

Date: 5-1-2019
Unique account power-ups: 979
Total number of power-ups: 1364
STEEM powered up: 145431.6950


I'm trying to do the best I can! Powering up small amounts of Steem each day! Dolphinhood is still reachable before the end of the year!
And indeed using OCDB really helps! But I am always out of liquid steem due to power ups and mining :(
Happy SPUD day!

Magic Dice has rewarded your post with a 15% upvote. Thanks for playing Magic Dice.

I hope you can make it to 5k - these magicdice votes will help!

Yes and no.
I do expect that the votes will become smaller and smaller. Due to the halving of the tokens which can be earned by wagering 1 steem and also for a delegation, 40% of the delegates power to MD has been revoked!
They need to watch out that they will still keep enough even credits to make all transfers.
But yes they are a blessing for the moment!

I can’t see how you can reach Dolphin without investing fiat into it.
I do think that small amounts every month is the way to go. However I do understand where the time comes where that can’t be done also.

It's possible, but if history serves then it's just going to take longer and longer. Slow and steady wins the race? :)

Your talking over a year plus . That’s slower then turtle slow, hehehe
Redfish then Minnow are the important levels to reach. Dolphin will take awhile but no matter how long in the grand sceem of things dolphin doesn’t matter. But it sure is nice :D along with the influence and perks.

Happy SPUD day!

Be intresting to also add in how those global numbers compare to the amount of steem/ sbd 'printed' in a day.

Hopefully we can at least beat that figure today.

Hopefully you'll find some additional work to put off the PD.

I can feel the realism pulsing through this post!

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With a reasonable hike in price (say $1 STEEM) I think I could trundle through without frequent Powerdowns, but the reality is that some fiat is required, and it's looking more and more like a return to the UK is the solution.

Real as long as the data is real i guess :D

Seriously. I was trying to cook Dolphinhood today with little spicy stuff by small powering up on SPUD. But now I believe in your each word....it's not easy untill you invest.....let see how long I can pull along.

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Spicy spuds :D

I think taking a realistic view that progress will be slow without buying STEEM is OK, you don't have to buy and will make 5000 at some point I am sure.

There is no time to wait for you guys to power up ;)
Nice stats about vests!
At least they remain steady and not shrink like the drugwars payout :D

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Those payouts have shrunk to the point where i cannot see them in my wallet!

You're looking in the wrong place :D
The future is hidden. LOL

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haha :D Oh, those - they have value?!

Point taken :D

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what's a fair circle-jerk? Fairest jerking is on your own, no circle involved lol. I'm thinking it comes down to if i want your continued vote what do i have to do to keep it, how low can i go before the other goes fk you lol. We need a FJC. Fair Jerking Centre where we can go for brochures and pamplet's on the subject. Maybe even a FJC Hotline. So many variables, if i ever figure it out i will let you know:)

Pamphlets could be handed out at the train station or, in a Hare Krishna style process.

got any good articles? will have a look later unless suggestions

Fairest jerking is on your own, no circle involved

That is one option for sure :) I think fair is down to the individual, even though we are supposed to be a community...

There used to be a lot of text on 'what is a fair self-vote %', and whales would even flag those excessively self-voting. Nowadays though, not too much of that happening - go wild!

The highest level of smartness in steem blockchain should be investment which comes in many ways.

Thanks for those explicit explanations @abh12345.

I powered up all my liquid steem and sbd today in the honor of SPUD 🥔.
I’ve also made a SPUD 🥔 POST this morning.

I’ll be glad if you can make out time from your busy schedule to visit my blog in one spirit of 🥔!!

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Great stuff fellow 🥔🥔🥔 man :) I'm trying to visit the #spud posts today, and I see others are too.

Happy SPUD day I am now half way to dolphin with my latest power up pretty chuffed about that! Hope we smash the power up record today! 😜

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Cheers :) Half way and each day a little bit closer.

We will have to see if someone with deep pockets powers up a chunk!

Cool I hope you get more in long run soon 😊 I try make same when I find more free money.

I was fix this text ... it was look bad :)))

Some people say i'm gey enough! :D

AH ... SORRY .... I was use phone to text ... and my letters are small AND DID NOT THINK THIS WORD gey :)))

haha, no worries!

Yes, I will support powering up today. I was debating whether I should buy a delegation lease, or convert my SBD to Steem. I plan to join the dolphin crowd of folks who got there for free, without additional buy-in investments.

Is there any way to statistically display how many dolphins likely exist without buying steem with outside funds? I think it would be hard to separate which accounts had sudden funds dumped on them for a lucky break, vs. people who made a separate account and transfered all their funds there. Still it would be an interesting analysis to help break the dolphinhood myth.

I would just power up as opposed to buying a delegation, just my opinion though.

Is there any way to statistically display how many dolphins likely exist without buying steem with outside funds?

Not accurately. Posting rewards are held in VESTS and the conversion to SP via VESTS is always changing so that makes it tougher to look at historical data. There is probably a way, I've just not figured it out yet :)

Happy #spud day!
Some great graphs here! I think the comparison with July 16 has to be taken with a grain of salt since a lot of things changed with the first couple of hard forks. Could be even interesting to put a marker in there for the "bigger" HFs? I wouldn't be surprised to see them as turning points in some of the trends. Is there a reason you chose July 16 as starting point for the graphs?

Took the occasion today to power up a few liquid rewards to a total of slightly above 6k SP. All without investment, so I can confirm that it is possible - but that came with huge support from @utopian-io!

Thanks and you too!

More than a grain of salt but at it's not utopian-io tagged I do not care so much :D

The delegation fork could have been an interesting on to add, coupled with some of the larger bots. Take it away :D

@utopian-io are also my biggest benefactor, but I have also been fortunate with regular support from some kind whales and orcas. Have a nice #spud day, the weather is lovely here!

oh, plenty of ideas for topics to investigate. But just a quick look into one aspect and suddenly half a day is gone :D
Sorry, I chose the lovely weather as well today. ;)

Hi @abh12345 I just powered up 8 steem, it's not much but I'm glad to participate in this initiative. I'm proud to say that I have never powered down!!!

Nicely done!

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About 8 months ago, it was estimated that around 35% of all votes made were purchased from bid-bots and other similar services.

So that probably hasn't helped organic growth too much as there are not as many larger accounts curating any more, and those that are usually have some 'free SP'.

Fckn preach it brother, I've been saying this type of thing for a long time. Ha ha, I got so bored of being ignored that I stopped bothering.

But fck all that, this is SPUD-DAY!


In regards to your analysis about slobberchops post and growth on steem in general. I couldn't agree more. I've only purchased about 1500 of my steem, and I haven't been the most successful in finding a decent circle to jerk in 😅... but that's just the nature of being inconsitent in discord community due to my ups and downs with illness.

The reality is that the large part of my organic growth has come from early days @curie votes and working pretty relentlessly curating for curie at that time as well. Them finders fees will soon add up!

Also, votes from promo-mentors when I ran a creative writing workshop in that community, ditto whaleshares when they were still on steem paid me in votes for running a segment on their show called literary corner.

Now, I'm pretty lucky to have support from curatorhulk, which I'm pretty sure is partly from the promotional stuff I do on twitter, as well as consistently keeping the content flow on my blog.

I do think that the move toward more dolphins is a good one long term as these people are much more likely to be active manually curating, which is what steem needs for growth of new users! If BTC and the crypto market in general takes off again, steem will rise with it. Then a tone of new users come in, ones who've left come back... curie vote worth more and you better believe I'm gonna get back to curating for them and manually curating the posts I find if the treatment I'm doing at the moment helps with this condition.

I think that virtuous cycle of reward for quality is possible, and the impact will be more with a wider spread of wealth on steem...

Ha ha, rant mode disengaged... only time will tell.

\0/ I love how many posts I see about #spud today. Glad you joined in! And ehm... Back to the UK? :-/

Yes I'll have to go check them later and do a tally up.

Not back there yet, still holding out for something in the sun 😎

Screenshot from 2019-05-01 12-25-40.png

I've got this the other day after powering up just 1 steem, today I decided to go big and powerup 3 steem that I won playing @magicdice... no message from the bots :(

I feel cheated 🤣

haha :)

I heard for the 'smarter' bots, the message would only arrive if the power-up was a certain amount or more.

0.001 ... lol

Am I the only one that thinks SPUD day is stupid and a bad look for steem?

Based on what I've seen so far - yes

I guess there is a lot for people to learn.

I am looking forward to doing my part today as the price is attractive and I hear 20k calling me!

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20k is a lovely milestone, I have been close a few times but had to slice some off. One day though :D

Twerk it!! I mean jerk it! I mean, oh good. I don't know what I mean anymore! :0)

Today that makes two of us 😁

Heh heh!! :0)

in my year and 4 months, half of the steem was from posts. so getting to evolve to mammal is not that believable even with investing some, with just posts i thing i would need 5 years of everyday posting, and maybe not even than.
to go from new acc to 5000 steem with only posting, you need to have 3-4 whale friends that are constantly voting for you, and even then it would be hard.

The whale friends could be a community account. I've watched accounts translating for utopian grow quite nicely this past year. But yes, generally it's tough going. I think STEEM is at an attractive buying price when you compare the work effort to earn the same amount in posting.

yes time spent vs buying is now on the side of buying

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@abh12345, You've powered up handsome amount even when you are going through from the Calculating phase brother. Wishing you more growth and blessings brother. Stay blessed.

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I just bought 527SP yesterday (1st May) 👍🏼

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Howdy sir Asher! Great information as always and I agree that the best way to grow is to invest! Sorry to hear that you have to power down some.

You got a 15.55% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @abh12345! :)

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