2nd Pack Opening : 110 BETA PACKS OPENING AND PROFIT/LOSS CALCULATION ( 74% return on investment , 26% loss )

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Grettings @splinterlands lovers , How was your last season ? I hope you guy's grabbed some nice monsters from season rewards . As you all know Beta packs going to out of stock soon . Only 15% Remaining for sell , From last few day's beta packs selling out like crazy , Right now less than 139K left for sell on @splinterlands site . I am buying Beta packs from last week , Between this two week bought almost 800 Beta packs and 100 Orb's And also during open those packs use Brilliant Legendary and Alchemy potion's every time . So i shared my First 100 Packs Open result with calculation's , Now on this post i will share my 2nd 110 Pack opens result . Fyi during cards price calculation i am picking a average price of cards , so accurate value might be high/low . But first of all let's check out last 10 Day's Pack buy from splinterlands.io .

PACK BUY(1).png
Data collected from steemweb.pl

So as you can see the big sell by @steemmonsters was at 29-08-2019 which was 13,038 beta packs , Total 30,571 Packs sold by @steemmonsters between those 10 day's . Now let's see my pack's opening cards and calculation's.




Finally my 110 Packs opened and 550 Cards recieved ( 100 Packs with potions and 10 packs without potions ) . 200$ for packs and 40$ for potions , Total 240$ invested . Let's see how much i got from those ...

Normal Common Cards : 380 x 0.05$(Average) = 19$
Normal Rare Cards : 128 x 0.30$(Average) = 38.40$
Normal Epic Cards : 19 x 1.00$(Average) = 19$
Normal Legendary Cards : 3 x 2.50$(Average) = 7.50$
Hydra Legendary Cards : 2 x 12$(Market Low) = 24$
Selenia Legendary Summoner : 1 x 15$ (Market Low) = 15$
Legendary Summoner(except Prince ) : 1 x 14$(Market Low) = 14$
Gold Foil Common Cards : 12 x 2$(Average) = 24$
Gold Foil Rare Cards : 4 x 4.27$ (Average) = 17.1$

Total : 178$ worth cards from 240$ investment . 62$ loss from 110 packs , which is 26% loss .


As you all know opening beta packs something like doing gamble , So sometime you will get crazy return and sometime you will get less return . But for sure if you get less , that won't be big amount i hope . But if you are lucky you can get more than 4x too . So , it's all depend on luck . My suggestion when you are going to open packs use brilliant potions , at least that will help your luck . On these pack opening i am getting 26% loss in return , but i am not sad . Because on my previous open here , it was 176.5% return , which is 76.5% profit . So cut down 26% from that . I am still on 50% profit overall , who knows next day something big waiting for me ?? So , i will keep opening packs . That's all for today will share my next opening soon , Let's make @splinterlands great again . Thanks to @aggroed @yabapmatt for giving us this amazing opportunity to earn and play at the same time , also want to thanks @clove71 for her amazing communication skill towards the @steemmonsters community .

My First 110 Opening (176.5% return)

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Greetings, grand @zaku-spt

Excelentr packs opened, man!!! A lots of gold cards!!! Congratulations

have a nice day

Thanks man @julisavio

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wow, that's so beautiful. How I wish I have theses cards @zaku-spt....lol
Enjoy it and have fun. Your profit will come up again in another set of cards.

Thanks @seyiodus for your comment :D . Yeah just enjoying my profits

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