STEEMMONSTERS Addiction, More Investment , Opening 12 More Packs

in #spt2 years ago
The more I am giving my time into Steem the more I am getting addicted to it. So today I was thinking of buying more packs of Steemmonsters Beta Pack. Which I did and luckily it was not that bad I suppose. I bought 12 PACKS today with 133 Steem (Approx) from Steem-Engine.That may look a little investment but that is indeed a start from my aspect just saying !!

The 1st few opening was very much exciting as frankly speaking I was getting GOLD Cards from the 1st 3 of the opening which I was very much excited about and I was probably thinking this would go on with the rest of the packs as well but after that I came down to ground from where I was flying.

So without further ado let's see what I was able to claim from the packs.

So after going through some of them seems like luck was shining again for me hence, I got "VALNAMOR" in my deck

So this 4 were the most unpredictable ones among the 12 Packs and the rest was predictable as I knew they were not going to be that much effective for my investment. Now I am thinking of getting/buying more Beta Packs and as we can see there are not much Beta Packs left compared before. So getting them as much as possible and trying to make the investment worth while.Trying to sell and buy more strategy. Let me see how it goes.