Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 28 // Booster Pack Prizes! // Please Read for Contest Update!

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Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest.

The contest will be switching to every other week henceforth and forthwith in order to give entrants more time to work on their stories and/or music.

The prize pool will be 15 - 20 Booster Packs which will be split among the winners!

You can submit any Splinterlands inspired original fiction or music creations.

👉👉 This week the Booster Pack Prize structure will be as follows:

First Place will receive 5 Booster Packs

Second Place will receive 4 Booster Packs

Third Place will receive 3 Booster Packs

Fourth Place will receive 2 Booster Packs

Fifth Place will receive 1 Booster Pack

Sixth Place will receive 1 Booster Pack

Winners from Week 27!

First Place!

Splinterlands Fantasy Story And Music Contest Submission // Week 27

Second Place!

Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Week 27 - Revenge of the Souls

Third Place!

A brand new world - Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest. Week 27

Fourth Place!

When Dragons Can’t Fly

Fifth Place!

Creaky Corpse Shuffle: Splinterlands-inspired themes

Sixth Place!

The nap of Mischievous Mermaid

Rules for Submission

Make a Steemit post with your Fantasy story or music.
Submit the link to your post in the comments of this post
The Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, December 11th at 10:00 AM CST

Thank you for your continued support!

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Thanks a lot, guys. I like the extra time so we can make the stories a little better I hope.

Hello @stever82. Maybe you can answer my question: how do I get the booster packs I won? o.O?

if you have an account on splinterlands they should just be sent to you. If you don't you might need to sign up in order to get them or ask them to send them to do as a token on steem engine.

I do have an account and actually I have monster cards too. So, I'll wait :D
Thank you

The extra time seems a good idea. Thank you for keeping the contest going, and congrats to the winners!

How did you make the last GIF

Wahoo Stoked again :)
Cheers muchly and good day to you all.
Have a splendid weekend and good luck!

Can I write about the revealed Cards of Untamed?

Thank you very much :D

One question, how do I get the booster packs? 👀