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RE: WATCH ME BATTLE USING WATER SPLINTER - Mana 99! My Splinterlands Journey #5

in #sptlast year


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Great post! 😍

Your placement is very good for your team. Especially with the 99 mana cap. I think, when you have the mana to spend, putting a tank in the back can help absorb some sniper hits. Didn't really happen this time as that Sea Monster is a BADASS tank (pretty much at most levels).

And yes! Playing in the lower levels is just as fun!

Thanks for sharing with the world!


WOW... I never thought of putting a tank in the back... that is a very useful and excellent tip!!! In many of my battles, the back card always gets killed first! My favorite tanks in this Splinter are the Spinback Turtle and this Sea Monster. And when Neutral Monsters may be used, [not available in this rule set] I like the Goblin Teck and Prismic Energy.
THANK YOU for stopping by! I am enjoying the game, and love, L-O-V-E the support I receive from this community. THANKS for the upvote, I am very appreciative.
Have a wonderful day, @carrieallen, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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