Goblin Mech Challenge!

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Every week @splinterlands puts on a “Share Your Battle” challenge, and this week they ask to share a battle using Goblin Mech

So here is my battle:





The Rules:

Mana: 36

Rules of Battle: Reverse Speed, All Monsters have knocked out ability!

The Lineup:

Since, Goblin Mech is a Neutral monster, I chose Life Splinter! I chose Tyrus Paladium to be my Summoner. I love his 🛡 buff!

Now for my Monster lineup. I
I selected 6 monsters to make up my team! I chose to use LIFE Splinter because they’re the BEST! The team is below:

  1. Goblin Mech lead the team with an awesome melee attack and the awesome health and shield 🛡

  2. Silvershield Warrior followed! His Reach ability allowed him to attack from the second position!

  3. I chose High Priest Darius in the 3rd position, mainly for the Resurrect ability and his magic!

  4. Armorsmith was selected to fight in fourth position, for his Repair Ability!

  5. Devine Healer was then chosen for the Tank Healing ability!

  6. I ended my lineup with Defender of Truth! I chose him for his Protect ability which adds 2 armor to each of my monsters!

My lineup proved victorious! I had a perfect battle! I love Life splinter! When I use Armorsmith, Devine Healer, and Defender of Truth, it’s hard to lose. The combination of their abilities makes for a amazingly strong & resilient team!


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