Splinterlands - Giant Squid (Weekly Battle Post)

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Another Untamed card for weekly battle post. Make sense since Untamed booster packs are being sold on splinterlands. I do not own Giant Squid and will have to play the card with one of my borrowed decks. Often when I use water splinter I focus mostly on magic monsters and only have tanker monster such as Sea Monster and Spineback Turtle. Here is a battle of me using Giant Squid.

The Battle

The rule set was fog of war and a limit of 24 Mana for battle use. All but earth splinter was allowed to be used in battle. I went with water as I am leaning toward magic attack in battle and could put in a decent combination of magic monsters within the 24 Mana limit.

My Formation

I started with Spineback Turtle as my tank monster. As I said earlier I went with magic monsters in Medusa, Ruler of the Seas, and Ice Pixie. I finish off with Giant Squid at the end. This formation allows me to attack with every monster from the start of the first round.

My Opponent's Formation

My opponent uses Alric and multiple reward cards. The tanker is furious chicken and sea monster. Then prismatic energy to neutralize magic attackers and followed by king and archer as range monsters. My main focus to beat them would be to knock out sea monster and prismatic energy.

The Battle Results

Sea Monster took a bit more rounds and attacks needed to knock out, but my Spineback Turtle had enough defense to hold off my attacker. Their Prismatic Energy held out a little longer but my magic monsters were enough to finish it off. This is likely because my monsters' levels are equal or higher than my opponent. Their Prismatic Energy monster was not high enough in level to defend all my magic monsters. If you are interested in watching the match here is a link..

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