Mystery potions Suck??

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O boy did I fel lucky receiving so much DEC for my wins in Steemmonsters.
I havent bought any Dark Energy Crystals and I'm not the biggest player in town, so I have to scrape it all together and spend it the best way possible.
I asked people like @shoemanchu what to do and I followed there way hoping it would bring me more luck!
I bought the 100% mystery potion and these are my rewards:

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:
Day 4:
Day 5:

This week I flushed 6000 DEC down the drain. What a sh*t cards to receive every morning knowing I have to play the game for five weeks or so to earn it back.

What would you do?


Did you buy legendary potions with you DEC? I've had great success with those potions, but I guess everyone gets different luck.

Lately, I only spend DEC on specific cards using

Do you use that site? If not you should.
You can buy any card you like with DEC, Steem or SBD. And if you are careful and strategic, you can buy a few important cards that will greatly increase your win rate, and therefore card production.

I recommend buying Summoners. Specifically buying one rare summoner, from your favourite splinter, preferrably a splinter you already have some decent monster cards for.

I think Earth, Life & Death are the most powerful, but they are all great if you buy the right cards.

So do this:

  1. Save 1,000 or more DEC
  2. Decide which Splinter you want to buff
  3. Log-in at
  4. Buy a copy of your favourite splinter summoner
  5. Repeat this process you level your summoners up to at least level 4, 5 is SO much better.

Once you get higher summoners you will climb the ranks a lot faster, and thereby gain more free cards.

Been there, done that! I was hoping my luck would help me futher in the game. Of cours will I keep on buying cards with DEC directly.. What did you get from your potions? Thanks for your comment.

Ive gotten several unicorns, that head in the jar. Its called Iranthius or something like that

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You win some you lose some, I've went five days straight with just a reward card and they were all under 5 cents each. If your trying to level up cards start with the cheap ones and work your way up the ladder. Just use your DEC to buy cards if you dont want the risk.... Hopefully your luck will change around....💯

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