SteemAce / Good Game Token Launched

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Untitled design (43).jpeg Has launched and with it a token called Good Game Token or GG.

There are currently a few game related communities such as SPT and Battle which have been doing rather well.

However Steemace might just have a few unique aces up it's sleeves to beat the competition. Lets dive into it!

Content Type

The only content that should be posted on is gaming
It has a instant for uploading videos


  • 1 Million GG Tokens were awarded to Palcoin skaters and active authors in different selected gaming tags (Be sure to view your
  • 1.3 Million GG Tokens will be awarded in following airdrops
    Inflation rate is 14% and decreases by 2% each year and then hold at 4%


  • 20,000 total miners will be sold. 17 winning miners per each hour

Unique Features that stood out to me

  • 710k tokens where awarded to the "team"
  • Delegation account has 190k GG staked which is used to upvote good quality content
  • There is a mute account with 300k GG staked this is used to flag bad accounts and content that is totally unrelated (In other words start getting serious and taking care of what tags you use!!)
  • There will be a future airdrop of 1.3 million GG tokens but no eta on it as of yet from what I have seen

The Core Settings

  • 1 free downvote a day
  • 60/40 split 60 to creator and 40 to curator
  • Payout in 7 days
  • Unstaking happens in 28 days and over the course of 4 installments.

With a few of these unique features I have a feeling this community should be one of the cleaner ones. One of the best things I learned in business is to NEVER be the first to come up with an idea. Let everyone else do that and then find where they went wrong. Make adjustments and modifications based on that information and you most likely will have a big winner on your hands! I am curious to see how this site does with the few unique features it has.

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Greetings, @bitcoinflood

Excelent, man!!! Do you know if it have discord channell

thank you and have a good night

#palnet #sct #battle #spt #weedcash #steemleo #aaa #zzan #steemace

I wondered what those free tokens were.. This looks to be another great community. I'm hyped!

I am stoked. Hope Steam can integrate STEEM one day.

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Thanks for the review! 3 gaming communities already?

Yup 3 already I am sure there will be more on the way lol

Hi @bitcoinflood, this is a great opportunity to let you know that BATTLE has an awesome group of partners [gamers & content creators] that have significant stake in the platform. What's better is that they use this to curate the best content on the platform. We're pretty pumped about this!

In addition to this our main account has 250,000 BATTLE staked and is used entirely for curation in concert with our official curation Team. The BATTLE platform offers a 50/50 creator-curation split because we know that curation is extremely important to the long term success of a social platform that values and puts content first [as we know steemit is moving away from a 60/40 split in its next hard fork]. This also makes the BATTLE platform a great place to stake your tokens and earn through curation, we believe this is a huge value add!

We use our MUTE function with diligence and in an effort to uphold our official platform guidelines which can be found in our Discord [pdf doc]. Last but not least we offer a short unstaking period of 3 weeks. This decision was made only after Polling our community for feedback and then making a decision that accounts for the best interests of our community and the long term success of our token economy. All in all we believe that more communities rewarding content creators is a great thing, the future is bright!

This could be interesting. I think competition is a good thing. It would be interesting if they found a way to bring more people in more easily. I think that's often one of the challenges with Steem projects in general, is being able to make it easy for new people to begin using the project. Short of making their own blockchain that works alongside Steem like Dtube has done, I suppose that's an issue that Steem itself will have to look at sometime.

competition is a great thing it sparks innovation and improvements. Which is what we are starting to see already.

Glad to see another gaming type of Tribe Token on the blockchain , Welcome to the Hood @bitcoinflood GG Good Game Token, still not clear on exactly what type of gaming content can be posted about here on !? Ido post on BATTLE @battlegames ( Im All ready a whale for staking over 2500 Tokens there ) and now have 473 SPT . I Stake All tokens I receive , and would like to thank you for the Airdrop of 376 Tokens , that I have all ready Staked and will continue to do so over 4 years ( check my post here : )
Thanks to Steem-Engine The future is looking awesome for all Tribes and communities, See You On The Moon!! Upped and resteemed! 👍😎🚀🚀#spt #battlegames #palnet
Love your logo!

Interesting concept that can cater to a growing gaming community! Will need to look into it! Thanks for sharing!

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I think this will do just fine. Lots of quality gaming posts, it's a niche just waiting to be filled.