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RE: Winning Gold & Legendary At The Same Daily Quest + Starting of Daily Giveaway of Rare Cards

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Can you give an example of a Daily Quest?

Here's something new & blockchain-y that might appeal to your gaming side, tho definitely much simpler than SM. You can scrap my referral code at the end :D


A Daily Quest is currently just win 5 battles playing X Splinter. There are six splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Life , Death, Dragon. You get a random splinter for the quest out of the first 5 splinters. Thanks for the Hedgie link. I didn't know about the game.

A for @steemmonsters you missed out on some serious gains with Gold Foil Cards which had 2.5 - 5 times price increase after introducing DEC as an in game currency. (You can burn cards to obtain DEC)