Winning Gold & Legendary At The Same Daily Quest + Starting of Daily Giveaway of Rare Cards

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I've been away from STEEM for a few days and my return has been lucky. I did miss out on fulfilling my @contestkings giveaway set for 3 days. Today I won a Gold Card and a Legendary card at the same time for the first time from Daily quests. Here are the wins:

At $0.94


At $2.30

I had previously won two Black Dragons and now it is at Level 2 making it a good pick in my battles with an efficient Mana use.

Daily Rare Card Giveaways Are Coming!

Most @steemmonsters giveaways are Common Cards. I'm giving away Rae Cards that are 4 times rarer. The prices range from $0.06 to $0.12 reflecting the rarity. My latest giveaway can be found here. I like to balance my polls with more thoughtful questions. So the Daily giveaways will end soon. there will be one winner per giveaway.

Best of Luck!


Can you give an example of a Daily Quest?

Here's something new & blockchain-y that might appeal to your gaming side, tho definitely much simpler than SM. You can scrap my referral code at the end :D

A Daily Quest is currently just win 5 battles playing X Splinter. There are six splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Life , Death, Dragon. You get a random splinter for the quest out of the first 5 splinters. Thanks for the Hedgie link. I didn't know about the game.

A for @steemmonsters you missed out on some serious gains with Gold Foil Cards which had 2.5 - 5 times price increase after introducing DEC as an in game currency. (You can burn cards to obtain DEC)

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